What did you buy today?


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May 2, 2007
Yesterday really, but ... A nicely still very vibrant coloured Vango Mk 2 LW Std. (Pretty much unused, all the original [and not at all perished] rubber wear ... and still very, very, orange :yikes: :rofl: )

For a long while I'd been looking for a near bombproof 1 person tent which would allow me to sit up properly to allow me to relax and do admin or, in adverse conditions, to allow me to cook.

I know the're long out of production, but does anyone know production dates, or how to date them within that timeframe? (And I don't mean `Dress smartly and approach parent(s) for permission'! :p )

Also ... the zips at the foot end of the inner ... :dunno: wazzat about then? :dunno: (The two things I can think of are for ventilation in extereme conditions and/or as an emergency exit should the front become unexpectedly exciting at meal/brew time ~ because sometimes the choice is hypothermia or food ;) )

(Thanks in advance :D )
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Aug 10, 2008
Bridgend, South Wales
Well I had a little money come my way from a collection from my old team when I left the department, and I thought I'd put it to good use. I picked up a TBS Boar in curly birch to replace my Enzo Trapper I picked up on the market place here many moons ago.

I am very please with the knife. A whopping chunk of metal but it suits my 'donk' sized mitts. I loved the Enzo but it was a small handle, and I suffered hot spots on my delicately manicured shovels after using it for a while. Hopefully this won't happen with this badger. I'll hopefully get out over the weekend ahead and see how it handles. I don't think I'll be disappointed.

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Oct 2, 2014
Prestwick, Scotland
From evil Bay a second hand replacement for an old friend, A Eurohike Mini Lantern exactly like one which I have had for a while & is no longer available New, mine just miraculously stopped working & I was really angry as its a brilliant wee lantern/torch....
I'm convinced those meddling kids of mine had something to do with it? I tried unsuccessfully to repair my old one with a soldering iron.



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I went and did something I didn't think I'd do and bought myself a Harley Davidson, thankfully though not a leather sofa on wheels but an MT350
Fetching it home on monday once I get it taxed, big brother seems to have made doing that a pain in the proverbial however....


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Very nice mate. Is there room on it for Bex as well? :)
Nope, not that she would join if there were. After she saw my mum in hospital after a motorbike accident she swore off the things. So I'll fill the space with luggage, they can carry about 200kg, cargo plus rider.
If I maybe get a larger fuel tank and lash a jerry can to the luggage rack I might be tempted to try riding to the Moot next year while Bex takes the car. She will probably disown me for suggesting that! :p


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Well, a few weeks ago: MSR Guardian Purifier (Rock+Run and RM both had the same lowest price i could find, but Rock+Run was free shipping, even to Sweden...).

It actually appears that someone finally got water filters right: fast, easy to pump, no maintenance[1], will survive freezing[[2] and drops.

[1] Even fairly clear lakes or mountain streams clogged my old MSR Miniworks far to fast for my taste.
[2] But not if I try to pump it when frozen: no surprise, but a bit of a concern come autumn.


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Jul 9, 2004
Rossendale, Lancashire
Great find on the Tilly, especially with the bits that go with!

went into lidl just now and they had a good range of DIY tools


picked up a diamond sharpener for one of the lads ( £1.99 ) and a pack of 5 fornster bits for £2.99. No idea of the quality but German sourced stuff tends to have good quality control. I got them for roughing out bowls.


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Jul 16, 2006
A couple new toys that I have aquired today...

A UST Strikeforce Ferro Rod

A Flextec Fly Reel...

A nice Knife set that I got off John Fenna (Which I have had my eye on for years ;) )
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Jan 25, 2014
Cabin Fever Central
The only thing missing in our local antique / junk shop is a cardboard cut-out of Aunty Wainwright. Nearly got out relatively unscathed today with an 'Ever Ready' all rubber torch (my brother had one as a kid and never let me play with it) but caught a whiff of Paraffin...


Can anybody recommend a good source for Tilley mantles?