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  • Howdo, I've just stumbled on a thread where you're asking about record anvils. What did you end up getting? I've been eyeing up some rail track I see when the train goes through Bolton on the way to work. I'd love to get hold of some of that stuff!
    Yes mate a dozen should do it thank's my address:
    Jordan Joof
    34 Aldridge Road
    Park End,Middlesbrough
    TS3 7HS
    I may be interested in trying out a few suplhur spill's before i take on the challenge of making my own may i have a few to try ?
    I might be interested in the Bronze knife - but have no Nessy to swap...
    Could you be interested in any of my Leather Pouches, Dragons Breath kits, DIY gear book or other items in my threads in the Makers Market section?
    Or some Jonsson Mora blades or some ? Lauri? blades?
    Hi Tom
    I have a Nessmuk that I made from a Jojo blade which I've been thinking of selling on. I'd just want to recover the cost of the blade itself, which was about £45. If that sounds interesting I'll get a couple of pictures up.
    If you can't use PMs you can email me at mtaylorATfirthrixsonDOTcom
    Thank you kindly, I got the rush dips just before the forum crashed. They are beautifully made :D and you're right, they are no where near as smokey as the ones done with the lard and the like.
    Many thanks :)
    Kind regards,
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