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  • Hi yous two , hope you beggars are good , just had a brill couple of days with Badge and Fox and their offspring , looks like you had a swell time too, i could have done with the pink topped tree herbert today for the new dangerous assault course build ! in the dazzling sunshine i may add,any way just checking on your general wellbeing etc , looking forward to spending time on the moor during silly season with you both .

    signing orf . Loony Ive !
    Hi guys,
    Just been at the other site that Callum suggested! Superb - purpose built, no public access, amenable land owner,etc,etc.
    Need to work out a price with him, but a stunning location, complete with a large central area (for a chute), work stations, large debris hut, fire area, loads of firewood, lscreened latrine area and loads of potential materials for crafts.
    All looking good.
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