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  • Hi Greg,

    I know that you & John Fenna live in Pembrokshire, and as I've chanced upon your details first I'm dropping you a line concerning what's what around the coastline if that's OK.

    I'm visiting late May for a week away with the family and in-laws & we are staying just round the coast from Solva (Nolton Haven/ St. Brides Bay). Firstly, I'm being pestered by my kids to try sea fishing (I haven't fished since I was a kid and that was coarse) but I have a guy at work who is going to sort me out with a bit of sea tackle etc...will their be a chance of Mackeral at all? I undertsand they are greedy and easy to catch!

    Secondly, do you know what other local flora & fauna I can find? I've been told that I'll find Alexanders but do you have any other recommendations? Also, are there any shellfish I can look for like razor clams, mussels, cockles etc? lots of questions but I hope that's OK!


    Austin (Mang).
    Narberth roundabout layby area, is that alright? I'll be there for say 10am.
    Are you free? We could always come down and have a wander around Pembrey Country park woods again.
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