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  • Hi Woodstock,
    Following on from previous, what sizes are the soaps, what price and delivery time please.
    Thanks in anticipation,
    Hi Sir,
    I believe you are an essential member of team 'Stupidly Simple' products. If I am wrong, please accept my apologies. If I'm right..... could I purchase some soap, please ?
    I am and of course you can drop me a pm with details
    I think there has been a few others he has dealt with, imagine getting himself banned because he could not be arsed to sort people out, I don't suppose you could get you rifle back.
    its been covered many times since the 70s with many articles written but im sure I could get you a interview
    Hi, Cool. If there are any people who are living the life who want to do interviews. let me know. Cheers.
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