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  • Hi Woodstock, I tried to buy two bottles of SS bug oil a few minutes ago via PayPal. I sent you a payment of £8 mistakenly. Could I have two bottles please? Please can you let me know how much extra I owe you for postage. The name on the PayPal transaction is Geraint Jones. Thanks.
    Hi Woodstock,
    Following on from previous, what sizes are the soaps, what price and delivery time please.
    Thanks in anticipation,
    Hi Sir,
    I believe you are an essential member of team 'Stupidly Simple' products. If I am wrong, please accept my apologies. If I'm right..... could I purchase some soap, please ?
    I am and of course you can drop me a pm with details
    I think there has been a few others he has dealt with, imagine getting himself banned because he could not be arsed to sort people out, I don't suppose you could get you rifle back.
    its been covered many times since the 70s with many articles written but im sure I could get you a interview
    Hi, Cool. If there are any people who are living the life who want to do interviews. let me know. Cheers.
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