What did you buy today?

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Feb 25, 2007
Not shiny but green- picked up my customised double-ventile smock from Hilltrek. They added side zips, upper sleeve pockets on each arm, kangaroo type pouch pockets raised to allow use with hip belt and new style wired hood. Oh and they sewed on my BCUK badge on for me too. Not cheap, but quality rarely is!

Will write up a review with pics when I've had a chance to use it in anger.

ATB, kp
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Sep 4, 2010
i count my purchases monthly , and this month i,m ashamed,..hahaha

so far (and its not week 3 yet!!!)

a Helle Brakar knife (cheers Southey, got the the post office now!!!!)
a princton head torch
issue bivi
issue basha
dutch issue cold weather s bag
issue roll mat
some leather thong
some wooden beads
100 feet of DFC paracord
some oak burr knife scales
two 01 carbon steel 4mm
some vulcanised liner(black)
a victorinox tinker

jeeeez i should not have written this down,....oh dear me,...

i think i have a problem,..

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Sep 19, 2008
Scotland, looking at mountains
Should be a laugh, about 01:30 into this vid ....

Quite a character - sounds like his missus doesn't like him in the house much. I'm not surprised… ;-)

…and I just bought an Airgrill today!
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Mar 11, 2011
bought on line last night and shipped today

kamasa folding saw
snugpak sleeka reversible olive/sand jacket

i already have the snugpak light and its a great piece of kit :D

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