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Jan 5, 2009
Aberdeenshire (Turriff)
The reason we feel passionate about this subject, is because it affects our hobby, our experience of the outdoor world,

Can we not discuss this in a polite manner without slagging each other off, one mans opinion is anothers cause and vice versa. (or is that back to front-Hobbits not very brite).

I am sure we can all relate to problems that the Law has caused us in our BCing, perhaps some are as bad as my experiance with the local plod, perhaps there is some that are worse.

Lets all be what we are, Brothers/Sisters in the art of bushcrafting, without getting Bitchy to one another.

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Oct 21, 2008
On the Scottish bbc news tonight was a bit about knife crime (new initiative by Strathclyde police to advertise knife crime including 'chalked' outline of a victim on pavement next to a bus stop!) and interviewer asked general public opinions if it would make any difference. Seems opinion of Joe Public is mandatory jail sentence for anyone caught carrying (3years some said it should be). If the tv media and newspapers keep banging on about this then they'll eventually get their way (like the dangerous dogs act, guns etc). I haven't personally even thought about problems with carrying a knife in the past, but i do now. I often carry my mora when i'm out walking the dogs as I might lop of a few bits of heather or other greenery for my other half (she's a florist) or some rosemary for making the dinner etc. I'm wondering now though if some 'do gooder' spots me and reports me to the police would I be in trouble? Would they say I should be using 'garden scissors' or shears for such a task and my fixed blade is breaking the law. I would just hope that common sense would prevail but you never know, if you get some young upstart copper trying to make his mark and up his arrest rate it could be a real problem now. It's ridiculous but I think I'll have to alter my behaviour now due to this madness.


Jul 22, 2004
Addington, Surrey
If the site you are unwilling to mention is BritishBlades Simon, then no it isn't the place for it. BritishBlades was created as a resource for knifemakers, not as a political lobby group. A cuckoo style hijacking of an established group in order to force a political agenda on the membership, might be convenient for you, but it is not the right thing to do. The right place for this would be a serious and credible site that was created - from scratch - as a political lobby group.

Either way, accusing someone of cowardice because they wont stick their heads above the parapet on your behalf, is unlikely to produce any positive results. On the subject of political responsibility, It's a little like not being bothered to vote and then complaining because your party didnt win. If you feel so passionate about the issue, I would suggest you register a domain, rent a web host and do it yourself. I know you have the skill to do it, you just need to find the motivation.
There's a rather humorous scene in "First Blood" Where the local troopers have cornered John J Rambo in a cave. Their captain volunteers one of his men to go in to the cave and get Rambo, "Hell, I ain't going in there!", and so the captain picks another guy, "No way, Captain!", and so on and so forth. I'm rather reminded of that scene. :D

stick their heads above the parapet on your behalf
has become a rather convenient catchphrase to hide behind. Considering I've written to the Home Office a number of times already; To the Home Secretary twice, To the Minister of State for policing, security and crime 3 times, and my own MP plenty of times as well as plenty of others in both houses. I'm not sure anyone could accuse me of not wanting to stick my own head "above the parapet".

Imagine the scene in the trenches of World War 1 and some bright spark of a captain suggests that, instead of all charging out together to try and claim some ground, we should go "one by one". What would happen to that one?
"Go on son, your turn"
"No way I'm going out there on my own!"
Captain picks another.
"Ok son, you go then"
"Uh uh, not me captain!"
It only worked because everyone went together.

BritishBlades was created as a resource for knifemakers
Yes, but how much of it is still that?



Obviously I've my own opinions but "no-one wants to hear my opinions" do they.

What better resource could there be for knifemakers, what greater cause, than to provide a place where mature discussion (without the transactional pitfalls of a parental attitude) can take place and where an action plan can be developed in order to protect the interests of the various fractions of those interested in blades as tools, as artwork, etc. Everyone's more or less there, in one place, already.

Your suggestion of a specific site is fine on principal, but how many times has it been tried already? The problem it seems to have had is the "I'm not sticking my head above the parapet" syndrome.

The "I'm not going to stick my head above the parapet" action plan doesn't appear to be working.

Not that I am saying you haven't done your bit. "Your site" has created a place for discussion that has moved things forward in a very positive way (although the growing masturbatory element that left a bad taste in the back of my throat holds it back some what)

The only alternative is to join the Ostrich society and hope you get left alone.

Or to put it a different way;

Successful defence becomes habit (schema), habit moulds style. These familiar tactics become second nature; when psychic pain confronts us, we fall back into their soothing arms. What may have been at first a serendipitous discovery in the battle against anxiety comes to define our mode of perception and response to the world. Becoming adept at such strategies means we favour some parts of experience while blocking others. We set bounds on the range of our thoughts and feelings, limit our freedom of perception and action, in order to feel at peace.
Daniel Goleman "Vital Lies, Simple Truths; The Psychology of Self Decption"
Your suggestion of a specific site is fine on principal, but how many times has it been tried already? The problem it seems to have had is the "I'm not sticking my head above the parapet" syndrome.
An ingrained apathy is commonly prevelant among collectors, makers, retailers and wholesalers which makes any concerted effort to give those with an interest in knives / outdoor pursuits a representational voice very difficult.

The 'it will never happen to us / but we are proper makers / collectors / enthusiasts' attitude is dangerous - you can guarantee any restrictive legislation will make no distinction whatsoever between a £5 chinese bayonet copy and a £500 Damascus steel Fallkniven.

It's a battle with 2 fronts - tackling the media hysteria and resultant political knee-jerk reactions while trying to motivate the collectors / retailers / makers to make the smallest of gestures in efforts to safeguard our hobbies, businesses and passtimes.

I'd personally like to see our Mr Mears inject some rationality and balance - to speak out about the true nature of the knife, it's history, uses, it's essential and most fundemental place in our social development throughout history - but you can understand this may not be a good PR / business move and would open him up to all kinds of attacks and mis-representation by the media.

I;ve not seen the full figures yet but there is a reported drop in numbers of people being admitted to hospital with stab wounds / injuries by about 500 in the past year. Obviously the Government will jump on this and take the credit for their effective policing policies!

It's hard not to hope that this could signal a turning of the tide regarding the prominence violent crime is given in the media and a lessening of pressure for quick-fix legislation. Wishful thinking? probably, yes. But when we see actual violent crime fall by 40% but the public perception of crime rise due to over-inflated media coverage you see the power the headline has over the policymakers.


Jan 7, 2009
If you carry a knife that is NOT a sub 3" non locking folder, in a public place, without a good LEGAL reason and you are stopped by the police, you can expect to be arrested and taken to court. If found guilty and there is no reason,in those circumstances, to think you won't be, you WILL be a criminal, with a record and your DNA on file, to prove it.

All we need is common sense and we won't have any bother.:rolleyes:
yeah cause the police are famous for using their common sense. Wait till the idiots start stabbing each other with screwdrivers and they ban them too.
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Aug 13, 2009
Well last week I was wandering around Leamington with a nice little hatchet in my bag, perfectly legit, I had purchased it and was transporting it home (eventually) did anyone care? did anyone even know it was there? I think there is too much paranoia, it is not us "they" are after
May 18, 2011
So my SAK is now illegal to have without good reason?

It's in my pocket all the time simply because it's a handy thing to have. Naturally i wouldn't take it to a footbal match etc.

If i nip out to the shop with it, i can be arrested?


Jan 7, 2009
Sorry chris, got a bit caught up in all the excitement,didn't notice the date.The point is though anything can become a weapon in the wrong hands.knives don't stab people, people stab people.


Sep 10, 2010
I'd love to see a coppers face when they see what happens in my village here in Bulgaria. Weekends in the hunting season. Guns and knives everywhere in the bar. Every single person here has a knife I think. Every day in the bar someone produces some 'mezze' be it cheese or sausage, tomato or cucumber. There is NEVER any problem. Every policeman I know has a knife and a gun on his belt. Never any problem. One of my first visits to the local shop made me laugh, a girl of around fourteen came in for milk, she was carrying a double handed axe. Obviously some logs were needing chopped for the fire. No one even blinked.

As many other folk have said, knives don't stab people, people stab people and fortunately they are in the minority so deal with them and leave peaceful folk alone. I'm a carpenter by trade and have always carried a swiss army knife and in my fifty odd years I've never stabbed anyone and have no intention of doing so. I'm still going to carry my knife though. Splinters, stuck doors etc, we all know the correct uses.