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  • Craeg if you are buying a symphony 16' off Humpback. he cant be there on saturday and he cant answer you on line.please ring me on o1212333326 if it is you that wishes to buy this canoe I am on that no after 11.. AM and before 5 pm. john
    Hope you dont mind this Q but are you buying a symphony 16' off Humpback. corbon
    Hi Craeg...I've sent you a couple of messages, but it appears that your inbox may be full...could you give me a shout soon, please?

    Cheers for now

    DM ;)
    Hiya Craeg, been trying to get in touch mate but your in box is full, give me a shout when you're next about.


    Hi Craeg,

    Did you still want to come to he canal festival in Blisworth on the 6th & 7th ? i just need to comfirm places, so i can make a plan of where all the venders are going ...... als need to chase up the i-phone pouch.

    hope your well and that your able to come..speak soon

    kind regards

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