What did you buy today?

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Jun 23, 2020
Reading, Berks
Just bought a Victorinox Alox Farmer and Bushcraft First Aid by Dave Canterbury and Jason A Hunt. Not had a chance to delve into the book yet but the Farmer is a lovely little knife. Seems to have the perfect set of tools (blade, saw, reamer) for what I want. Looking forward to testing it out soon.

Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
Our Boil Water Advisory has just been lifted after several months of inconvenience.
I will go past the local hardware store and try to buy a couple more 10 liter water cans.
Hindsight tells me that holding a short inventory of clean water is a good thing.


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Nov 6, 2008
Good choice. It was between the pipe and the rifleman's hawk for me...i went for the rifleman's hawk and regret the weight

Yeah , it is a bit of shotgun luck ref getting the weight and feel right on the 1st hawk.

I feel this one is about right - only niggle ( for me ) is the handle seems a little small so i'll need to bind that with something to increase it the diameter.
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Robson Valley

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Nov 24, 2014
McBride, BC
#18 tarred nylon seine cord should be found in any coastal chandler's.
Less than 1,000' on a 1 lb spool. Not dirty, slightly sticky.
A wrap should increase the handle diameter by 1/8".
I make up most of my crooked knives with it. Well into spool #2.

Woody girl

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Mar 31, 2018
Another charity shop haul.
Dicky strawbridges self sufficiency book £2.00
A huge bag of toy stuffing for my lockdown toymaking of Xmas gifts
A brand new double bed sheet. .. much needed £3.00
A lightweight waterproof sit mat brand new.. £3.00
A new lampshade, still wrapped in cellophane. For a homemade lamp.
OK so it's not all bushcrafty, but 1 item is for being out and about, one for self sufficiency the rest are at least craft orientated (apart from the sheet)


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Jan 28, 2017
A bar of 'friendly soap' travel soap, lemongrass, lavender, tea tree and peppermint, apparently good for body, hair and clothes. Smells great! Gonna chunk it into 4 for nice trip size pieces. £2.70 seems pretty reasonable too


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Jan 1, 2014
Rab Summit down jacket ready for Winter :)

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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jul 14, 2008
Set of 2 cotton Tilley masks. Work are dictating that everyone wears a mask or face shield on the shop floor. All my masks and the pathetic work made cotton one they've given me steam up the glasses pretty quickly. I'm hoping these masks won't steam my glasses up. If they do I'm going to have to wear a face shield.

It's a place with high roofed industrial buildings of quite some size. There's great big and pedestrian doors too left open all around for access, which means very good ventilation. It's crafty even without a wind. Everyone works at least 2m away from each other. Nobody has had COVID yet and I doubt they'll catch it at work anyway. Still company policy so I'm hoping the Tilley mask is comfortable. If not I'll be looking for something better, so any suggestions???

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