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  • Hello Clem

    To be honest there not a lot in it ,

    The frisport has a bigger snow valance and the silver lining would improve heat retention so you don't really need a liner .

    Same amount of tie downs as the helsport and same alloy pole .

    just a smaller company .

    hope it helps

    Sorry for late reply Mick, I could have sworn I already had done.Alice showed me his Shrade and thats alot of knife for the money I got to say.Ive a couple of Moras and they do me fine for now, wouldent mind trying those Condors, the nessmuck looks nice as does the Woodlore copy and good value by the looks of them. I'd love to come check them out if you don't mind mate. For the time being I'll have to stick with the Moras and my SAK, served me well over the years. CLEM :)

    Me and Alice tapped a birch yesty, may have over done it mind ya as we had just shy of seven litres lol.
    no problem mate, yeah alot of knife/sheath there for the money with the shrades. i,ve not had a condor but if i was going with lower cost knives its a mora everytime, damn i love them knives! Had a becker necker and RAT izula come the other week, the rat is superb i had some handle scales come with it so its a proper little knife. The becker is good but not as comfortable, you,ll have a check em out sometime. mick
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