What did you buy today?

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Feb 13, 2016
Baofeng dual band hand held radio. Im going to only use it to recieve until i get my foundation license. Anyone got any ham radio experience?

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Try Hamsphere.com for experience, you will need earphones with a mike, but it is good practice to float thru the bands.


Feb 26, 2014
now i just need to get a licence and work out how to use it! 😄👍

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I should block this thread! I can't resist gadgets so have a baofeng arriving myself tomorrow! 😂 God knows what I'll do with it. Probably listen until I got a licence..... but don't be surprised if it never even gets used & sold on ebay ina year haha
Apr 7, 2016
Specifically today.................?

An army M90 cold weather sleeping bag and compression sack from Military Mart, arrived and in as good and clean condition as can be........


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Jul 11, 2010
Under a tree
3000/8000 wet stone.

And also a 99p metal straw - as a budget replacement for a pocket bellows. If I find it useful I might drop a tenner on the real thing ;)


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Jun 14, 2016
I received my "Brit Dogs" wool bush shirt today.
I can't believe how good it is, I'm so happy and grinning like an idiot.
Below is a very excited review.

I received my "Brit Dogs" wool bush shirt today.
Wow. Seriously Wow.
If you have the means, do not hesitate, order one as soon as you can because they are something special and you will not be disappointed.
The materials are first class, the workmanship beyond reproach, the design and thought behind the details is inspired.
Mine fits me like a glove, is very, very warm and as I was going over the design I just kept coming across little things that kept my smile getting wider and wider.
The internal pocket structure, so ridiculously useful. The hood and collar so well thought out. The stitching and finish is just impressive.
And the turn around, I'm not sure how, but it hasn't even been two weeks since I first approached Cliff, very fast.
My only complaint is I won't be able to wear it in the summer, it'll just be too warm!

I'm starting to sound a little bit manic so I'll go but seriously if you can, do. Ask for it as an early Christmas present and get the most out of it if/when the 'arctic' winter they're predicting comes.


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Jul 9, 2004
Rossendale, Lancashire
A excellent second hand copy of Traditional food in Shropshire by Brears that I was expecting and a roll of 8 coarse Permagrit tools I wasn't!

Adrressed to to the wife but covered in Permagrit tape so I knew they were for me as she knows I have a thing for them! Must be a hobbit birthday present as mine was back in June and although the shops of full of Xmas tat already we leave everything to the last minute for that.

What a sweetie! I'm chuffed to bits with them


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Oct 6, 2003
Just back from holiday in the US. Splurged a bit:p
1. Start of trip...mail ordered:
1a. Dutchware

  1. 8' polypro/Spectra tree straps
  2. Titanium Spiders for attaching Whoopie Sling to straps (I know the marlin spike hitch but wanted to try something that didn't mangle the webbing so much)
  3. Couple of Zingit soft shackles to play with.
Didn't get any Dutch Hooks. Wish I had!!!! Never thought they made much sense, but after spending 17 nights in my hammock one after another I would appreciate not having to thread and unthread webbing through sewn loops. Poly/Spectra straps and spiders were great, much less sag on initial tensioning than with nylon, or even polyester webbing and marlin spike hitches.

1b.Knife Kits.com

  1. Some of the new Bladecraft epoxy
  2. Orange Kydex
  3. Rivets
  4. Tekloks
  5. Some new moulding foam for new press that I have planned.

2. Start of the trip, first day in Denver...
2a. REI.

  1. New MSR 2L Dromlite - still makes the water tasted as chemical loaded as the one I bought 11 years ago :(
  2. MSR drinking tube for Drom
  3. Sawyer Mini filter - didn't get a chance to try it out. Very light!
  4. Replacement Keen Voyager Mid boots (dang hard to find non-waterproof boots in the UK)
  5. Lok Saks (no longer available in the UK it seems)
  6. Various clips, carabiners, descender rings, Mountain Suds soap and camping gas
  7. Road atlas for Wyoming and Utah - had to leave these behind, no room or weight. Real shame, but would not have been without them!

2b. Spyderco:

  1. Was given a Sharpmaker and some bear spray, but was all set to buy both. Thanks Sal!!!

2c. Kifaru

  1. A small 5 string and large 3 string compression sack. Generally not a fan of compression sacks, but these worked great for me on this trip, made organising my bag much easier
  2. Large UL pullout bag - made a bunch of these myself, thought it only fair to buy the real thing
  3. A block of double sided Velcro webbing tidies - so much nicer to use than the ITW Web Dominator things.

Mid trip, not much. Got the neighbours' kids some rocks and fossils. - those went down very well!
Duckworth Montana Merino t-shirt and some socks (they were on special and I have odd bits of wool from Aus, NZ and Norway and Argentina, so was curious about the US product. - Haven't had a chance to try them yet.

End of trip...
3a. Spyderco - no point in bringing $$ bills home:rolleyes:
  1. PITS Folder Ti Blue
  2. Roadie in red
  3. Dog Tag folder in carbon fibre

3b. Kifaru
  1. 500D Organiser pouch - have an old 1000D one and fed up constantly swapping it between bags. Great bit of kit, and I had tied up Dan for quite a while with questions about different packs which I wasn't going to buy at the time!

John Fenna

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Oct 7, 2006
I have not bought much recently but my best buys have been
Toyota Super Jeans sewing machine - for those tough jobs
Aldi digital sewing machine (I have yet to sew my fingers together with it)
10m of down proof cotton cambric
some Dylon Dye and sewing threads....


Sep 21, 2016
I'll give you a hint, it's not the travel mug!

Having a nice lie down, watching the dog walkers go by on the path below, and this brave little chap came by for a visit.



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Jul 11, 2010
Under a tree
I bought a drinksafe-systems explorer canteen - a 1 litre water bottle with water filter integrated into the lid. Initial impression is favourable but the plastic (especially the cap cover) appear rather flimsy. 10% off just now so thought I'd spring for it as it should be very convenient for processing my water.

Also got a couple of pairs of Karrimor 40% merino hiking socks, reduced to half price. I normally go for woolpower socks as they're bomb proof (heels on my last two pairs wore out after 3-4 years regular use) but I thought why not! If they're carp I've only lost a couple of quid.


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Mar 13, 2014
Alone now.
Yet another canteen cookset for me. This time it's the Russian Paratrooper, Vozdushno Desantnye Voyska, or VDV. combined canteen billy can, cup and canvas cover.

Still issued to new recruits as of 2013.
RT VDV.jpg
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