Finse Hardandgervidda Norway , Trip planning thread ....

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Nov 16, 2008
West Midland
The planning still chips on :)

Stove and fantastic company service :D.

I couple of months back K9 and I were mincing around Anchor supplies in Ripley and in a large box marked scrap were a loads of burners I noticed they were marked MSR and that was all I knew about them having only owed Optimus and Primus in the past having chatted to the sales chap I managed to get the lot as scrap for £10 :)..

After we skip off to my car with a big bag of burners we have a better look and it seems they have all been scrapped from 22 SAS..

Three gas burners and a flock of MSR XGKs ,,,

So internet time mega snow melting stoves ,,

Selling a few off and I manged to buy the fuel pumps and spares kit ...happy days ,

I did think about fitting it into a trangia but I think it might melt it and dont want to take the risk .

Pan wires hmmm I need the pan wires search the net not a thing :( , So I email Needle sports as a very long shot I get a fast reply back telling me that Cascade Designs have them and asks me for a postal address ...

A week later two sets of pan wires arrive :) WOW thats fantastic service from both ...

Happy days theres my snow melting stoves sorted

The base under the stove is a piece of aluminium laminate to stop the stoves melting into the snow .

I found out that after trials with the Norwegian Military MSR have brought out a Arctic fuel pump so ,,,had to get one .

Stoves sorted ;)
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May 2, 2007
Moving forward nicely, Cliff :D

What's the clearance between the top of the vapouriser and the panwires? IIRC the gap was increased to decrease the amount of carbon monoxide put out ~ but that increase also lead to a decrease in melting speed :(

(I know Cliff already knows but before someone else says it ... standard warnings of using in a well ventilated area apply ... but if you'daft enough to pre-heat one of these in a tent then you'll probably create a well ventilated area! :rolleyes: ;) ... and it'd be much needed ventilation as I rather susect that the various warranties might not be the only thing voided :eek: :yikes: )


Feb 10, 2016
Grand Cayman, Norway, Sweden
I am sure you already know this, but when there is a chance of strong winds, store the survival bag ( and survival gear) outside the tent, well anchored and if you can, buried in snow if in winter.
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Nov 16, 2008
West Midland
Just finished another bit of cold weather kit for my ever growing pile :)

A action man and Blacks anorak with a hint of Twodogs .

Fabric I have been lucky to get my woolly mittens on some vintage fly sheets made by " Conquest " bit thicker than the Vango force ten flys ,,Ideal :D

Same as the original blacks anorak I went double lined making it very windproof ,

I reused the conquest makers mark on the front pocket just to keep the history

Arms and lower pockets sorted unlike the original i went with velcro on the cuffs

The finished anorak

Arr wrong photos ;)

As wind could be a problem up at Finse maybe a pair of windproof over trousers next :D

Thanks for looking



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Feb 24, 2011
I mounted my MSR in a Trangia and it works a treat. Have used it in Canada and Norway with no melting of aluminium parts.


Sep 1, 2005
Hi Cliff,
Always love your threads on this sort of stuff. Super informative!
How did the trip go?
Did you manage to get away?

Glad I found and reread the thread!
Couldn't get the links to work to the original thread! Gutted.
I will search it out tho'!


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