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  • Hi again Bob, here's me again, wondering how progress is coming along with your mini axes? I am still interested in having one of them, and I think your price is reasonable given that small things are often harder to make than the standard size, and involve the same or more work to produce. Please let me know as soon as you have them ready, as I would like to have first choice when they become available. By the way I can not find my way back to your original post about them as I am not too smart on the computer yet. Can you give me a hint? What group is it under? Hope you had a good Christmas and wishing you all the best for 2012. bye for now. Best regards, Stuart.
    Hi there, any chance of you selling one of your mini axe heads, and if so what kind of price would you be looking for. I think they would be great for tucking in your belt, for when you do not consider a bigger one would be needed, and yet a knifeWould be too light for the job. Have you considered making a two bit axe of this size like the nesmuk one. I'm sure it would be very much in demand on here.?
    hi bob, how you doing man, did you get a chance to camp in your garden and trying the new fire lay out. have you been busy making stuffs in your shed or what . as for me busy working at the moment, worse time for me. Tc the interceptor boy.
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