Finse Hardandgervidda Norway , Trip planning thread ....

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Nov 16, 2008
West Midland
Morning all :)

One thing I love in life is having things to plan for , The other day I was day dreaming about a winter trip .....Hmmmmm where do the Arctic epeds go to practice ...Hmmm also one of the early star wars films had a bit filmed there ,,,Finse ...

On my first solo Norway trip I traveled past Finse no roads just a train service ..

Below is the link for my first Solo Trip

Anyway this will be a totally different trip , above the tree line :cool:


All expeds need an aim mine will be to experience the area ,,,move away from the train station set up a base camp and enjoy the location for three or four days .


A lot of lessons learnt here and on other trips to Norway .

Looking at it I want to keep the costs down so some gear I already have already some I will be buying , testing , modding and making.

I will post my plans as I go along :)

Big part of the exped for me is the planning :).

So coming soon, Tentage , cooking , clothing , maps , food ,safety ,

Remember this will be no hard core exped just a planned camp enjoying the area ...

Just to give you an idea what its like up there.



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Mar 5, 2008
~Hemel Hempstead~
Sounds like a fantastic and epic trip Cliff, really looking for the planning posts as well as the actual write up of the trip :)

I wonder what new wool creations will be coming forth??????

Twodogs longjohns out of finest merino wool blankets perhaps? :rolleyes:

Hopefully we won't be inflicted with modeling pictures:yikes:


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Nov 16, 2008
West Midland
So it begins :)

As the trip will be above the snow line its not the time to mess with tarps .

Anchor supplies had a stillage of British military 4 man arctic tent outer for £5 a section after much digging ( like a dog after a bone ) I found two inners and grabbed four flys £30 not bad :D.

Dried them out and got to work putting one together if its good enough for the Royal Marines its good enough for me :cool:

Getting the the inner lashed in place what a pain :eek:

So now I know what I need poles ,guys plus sand pegs ..

Ordered some replacement poles not the gen ones as they are prone to shattering ...

Update soon



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Nov 16, 2008
West Midland

Another good find at Anchor supplies in a scrap pallet a load of stove burners :) after handing over a small bag of magic beans i skipped away to look at my find .

These stoves have history :)

OK I had to buy a pump but it got me thinking about expeds so all good ,

After a bit of utube and servicing its kero time ,

This morning i made up a set of wire pan stands yes it works but i dont fancy two liter of melting snow falling on me in a tent ....hmmm

Trangia time ,,, sorts out the cook kit at the same time ,


MSR Snow base

Add trangia and light

Add water and lid


I will be taking a MSR service kit

Note the burning on the trangia inner was from an other trip when we went mad with the meths

As I will be using kero preheated with meths I will take a trangia burner as a back up stove

So that all the snow melting needs sorted .


I intend using real turmat dried food for the exped as it works and tastes good not cheap though :(,, plus lompars , sausages and tabasco :cool:

Note the long spoon ;)

A flask to store melted snow and a coffee pot for cowboy coffee to have real coffee :)

Thats stoves , cook kit and food sorted ...

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