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  • Oh good, thanks Wayland ...money? I don't expect i'll be spending any of that. Re-enacting? I shouldn't think so... but who knows? :)
    Hi Eleanor, I don't have a problem what people wear so long as they're not in a living history demonstration I am running or professionally involved in.

    As I'm not running anything at the moot, no problem.

    I just find it ironic at times that people often spend more money and effort in doing it wrong than they would if they did it right. :dunno:
    Hi Wayland, I see you are coming to moot - yay :) Just wondering, are you going to get upset if some of us have viking clobber that is not strictly speaking 'authentic', as in perhaps just a little bit completely fictional, but much more entertaining? Or are you going to be aggravated? Just wanted to find out in advance - not that I am planning this far ahead or anything... ;)

    Hi Wayland, you probably wont remember me (WolfCrafter, Rough Close Scout Bushcraft meet sept 2009) It was my first meet and I only introduced myself right at the end with Jimbo! Anyway.. I thought id message you and let you know that you inspired me with your amazing hammock set-up (especially the rigging).. so much so, a DD hammock was on my xmas no1. list and ground dwelling is now a distant memory!.. anyway, i tested it out at Rough Close meet Jan 2010. Lots of tweaking to do on the hammock! (carabineer loop system), plus i need to refine my knots on the tarp with illuminated bits!

    Hope to see you at the next meet in March for the Outdoor Show doo! for further tips! checkout my blog if you have time on the meet and my new cooking 'Crane' system!

    Hi Gary,

    I have just ordered a 9" leuku from Stromeng :) Happy Man. I really like the clip you have on your sheath, and was kind of hoping you would maybe do a tutorial, type thing if you want/have time. I feel quite rude asking like this, and I do apologise, but i cant think how to do it, so some tips would really be usefull.


    Hi, my friend and I were discussing how you could modify a smock for what you were talking about, not that we expect to do that for the reasons you mentioned but still really into it if that makes sense . Is there any way you could share your info with us.

    Thanks, of course if you wanted ours I'll give you that but I don' think you do!

    Hi there, i was looking on your website Ravenlore bushcraft and saw your hobo stove section, Where can i buy a billy can like yours?


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