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I just passed on the rules of the landownder, but I will look into the ones you point out. I'd say it would be best for tree dwelling. The ground doesn't have a huge amount of flat, smooth spots, but I'm sure if anyone wanted to sleep on the earth, they could find a couple places. Although it's a large woods, the portion we can camp in is relatively tiny, hense only a small group.
Great news guys. I shall start a list. If anyone changes their mind, not a problem.

1) savagebushcraft
2) Tank
3) Karl82

I may be jumping the gun putting your names down, but it's limited in numbers, so If they're down it'll save the spots for ya.

Thanks fellas.



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Jan 30, 2010
hi adam how are you mate stick me down as interested for this new site see you soon regards dave
Would be great to see you there Dave.

Ok Tim, soon as you hear, pop the name on. Will only be able to take one more name after his. The main reason for the limited numbers is conservation of the relatively small area I have to use, and reducing the impact on the surroundings in general. Not a bad think really, as smaller gatherings can be more relaxing. Have a chap coming from Sunderland (Ben) who is a good chap, ex Royal signals, and possibly Ivan (Mick Sturbs) if he can make it. This will give us a total of 8.
What we get up to for the weekend is pretty much up to whoever comes. I can demonstrate natural tinders, but most of you guys know all that, I'm sure there are pieces around to carve spoons from. If not it will be nice just chatting and trading knowledge and having a good time.



Nov 15, 2008
I would like to join in if i may

1) savagebushcraft (Adam)
2) Tank (Tim)
3) Karl82
4) dave53
5) bushcraftbob (Jamie)
6) Cliv