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  • Hi mate, dont no if my last PM is with you but can you fire me your postal details again. :)
    Hello , just wondered if you can advise on any where local to Cwmbran (henllys end) or Cwmcarn (forest drive) where I can set up for a night or two mid week with out upsetting local authorities?
    Hi Dave sorry i haven't got backto you any quicker,been really busy with work then my internet connection packed up!
    If you've still got the phone and are still wanting to sell it i would like it.
    Are you around on saturday morning< i can pop over to yours and pick it up as me and my wife are heading up to north wales for a week so can easily divert to come past yours.could you give me your tel no. or give me a call on 01446 772266 i'm in after 7pm.

    Best regards

    Hello Dave,
    Nice to meet you in Dartmoor, where did you get the lense from again?


    Dave, drop an email to shop@bushcraftuk.com and ask Shelly for one and she'll get it out to you, they're £5. Cheers T
    thanks dave........im trying to find cheaper and more efficient stoves ......not everyone can afford to go out and spend £100 on a msr whisperlite or whatever and id like to try and encourage kids to have a go and enjoy the outdoors
    Dave - Just seen your post re getting a standard bivvi bag altered to have a centre zip.....
    Where did you get the mod done as I am in the same position....have a great bag but prefer a centre zip...
    hey mate cheers for the offer but I've already lowered it quite a lot, and I'm not going to the welsh moot! Price is £25 if you'd like it and I would get it posted on Tuesday! Cheers will
    in about a week mate, Full Members have got first dibs on places.

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