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  • sorry Adam mucks things up a bit I am afraid. Dont worry about the knife I would prefer to recieve it personally thus then exchanging a silver coin in return
    catch up later
    Hi Adam
    Mate I am going to have to blow out the november meet as something has cropped up and this is not down to SWMBO, this is my side of the family that have caused a little problem, I am sorry to spring this on you so late in the day especially when I was to pick up said knife, sorry to have let you down will slap my parents when I see them.
    I will email Ivan and let him know, sorry Pal
    Depending on dates i am up for a meet let me know the dates when your ready
    Hello mate
    Thanks for that. I have seen this forum before and is basically the best way to do pins the best place I have found to get the square tubes etc is from a railway hobby shop I have quite a few spare bits if you need them
    count me in depending on dates of course if im free i will be their. let me know the dates when you know.
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