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I have obtained access to a new site in the midlands, that can camp a small group (up to 10) at pretty much any time of the year with a couple weeks notice. Larger groups may be possible with longer notice for "organised" events. The landowner wishes to keep the location on a need to know basis, for several reasons, but if there is enough interest I can speak with him regards any plans you may have. So far one communal fire looks possible, so if you want to go off and do your own thing, it will require alternative fuel (gas, meths, petrol) although I am looking into honey stove type setups as they are contained. It's all up in the air at the minute as it is a brand new site. However the landowner has an interest in bushcraft so, with the correct planning, I see no reason why group meets would be a problem.

If you are interested in using this site leave a post and I will attempt to organise something for you. It may mean having instructions and demonstrations rather than just a social gathering in the woods, but that helps everyone, especially if it is a "pay your way" meet.

Like I said, depending on the interest, I will contact the owner and see what sort of arrangement we can come to for what kind of meet we want.

Many thanks for reading.

Adam (aka crazysaint222)
I'd be interested dependant on location and dates.

Any chance of giving us a 'near to' location?
i would also be intrested depending on dates.
Dates are all up in the air at present. for a small group pretty much whenever we wanted, so if the interest is there and we can all come to a date between us (with a couple weeks notice for landy) we can make it official.

Location is border of Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire near to a town called Banbury
Just emailed the landy, so if he has dates in mind he will let me know, also a final list of ground rules (I'm sure he will have some) can be obtained and forwarded to all concerned. It may be a month or so before a final date with all the conversing so you won't miss it when it does happen, if that makes sense lol.
there is a small stream near to small camp area, as to the purity I have no idea, it's a brand new site to me and it has never been used for this kind of thing before. If I had to make a guess, I'd say millbank and boil would do the trick though.
Excellent. It's just a case of waiting on landowner for the nod and if he has any specific date in mind, I also let him know about interest in a structured meet with demonstrations etc. Fingers crossed and as soon as I know I will let you know.



Dec 29, 2010
Northamptonshire, UK
No worries, like you say "softly, softly, catchy monkey" is usually the best approach when relying on goodwill.

Even if it all comes to naught, we haven't lost anything - in the mean time, thanks for trying

Just got the go ahead for a small gathering (6-8 people) at the location. Ground rules will be:

· Stay within the boundary of our land,

· Do not wander into the paintball area until after hours and only with the site manager’s consent

· I have no problem with a leisurely drink as long as it is responsible and doesn’t lead to any foolish antics/disturb me or my neighbours

· Restricted to one open fire

· Leave no trace; i.e. take all your rubbish, kit tarps etc with you.

This meet will be taking place some time in June, probably mid to late June, but I will confirm an exact date for you, as a couple lads on a tour of the country would be joining us. Realistically that leaces space for 6 others. It should be a weekend meet. Like I said, I'll get the exact dates sorted, and let you know.

Thanks for the interest,



On a new journey
Jan 4, 2007
West Midlands
I'd like to show an intrest Adam. Many thanks for setting this up.

For rules and regs why not have a look at the opening posts at the Rough Close and Northwoods meets threads. You will see that the regulars abide by the landowners rules etc.

Is there room for tree dwellers? or is it just ground dwelling?