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  • Just wanted to thank you very verrrrrry much for giving my chocolate teapot an edge to be proud of.... cheers :)

    And June 14.... that you are missed, lovely man, the woods are quieter with your absence xx
    Hey mate. Trying to organise another meet at the "classified" venue. Will get some dates sorted with landowner, but shall I count you in? Still have the tarp of happiness for the wet stuff :)
    Hi SimonD

    Depends what you like some of my favorite zombie films are good because they are spectacularly bad, Zombie movies - Zombie Bikers from Pittsburgh, flesh eaters, dawn & Day and night of the living dead, Zombiethon, Zombimania, Zombie Campout, the list goes on Apocalypse films, A boy and his dog, Damnation Alley, Last Man on Earth, Where have all the people gone, i am legend (Original) Deathlands (Its got Traci Lords init so you know it's gonna be good?)

    hey clive,
    you still going to the meet? i need some zombie/apocalypse recommendations. i joined lovefilm and i've already got about 10 on my rental list but wondered if you had any mustsee gems :)
    You not going North Wood on 16th mate ?? Im thinking about it but thought id ask you first before i start planning train journeys haha.
    Are you still going to the Spitewinter meet at the beggining of April. If so is there any chance of a lift. Ill split the cost pf petrol with you mate. I know its cheeky since you've alraedy offered to give me a lift to the lakes on mayday, but I dont seem to be able to find a train station antwhere near the scoutcamp
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