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  • Alright mate,

    I need my knife blade as soon bottom possible, going to order my random bits to handle some knives properly and I want to do them all at once or I'll just get lazy and/or forget.

    A 3mm full flat canadian blet knife pattern blade in 01 steel and 3-4mm handle pin holes and a wider lanyard hole at the bottom.

    Will that be a problem?

    All the best,


    P.s, your inbox is full!!!!!
    For some reason I can't reply to your pm mate. Is your inbox full?I'll try again later! Atb
    Hi Mark, send a PM with a few pictures earlier, not sure if they came through? Let me know if not and ill resend them to you mate :)

    I didn't want to tie up your thread any more than I have already but gawsh!!! Your knife comp WIP is just the business!! MUCH appreciation from a thread stalker ;)
    Hi Bill,

    I've been doing a bit of research tonight on my room mates in the RAF back in the eighties, one of them was a "Bill Parris" who did five years in the RAF Regt and then went to France and joined the FFL in particular 2 Para. It sounds like he would have come out in about 1992 ish.


    Did you ever hear of him?
    Hello mate,
    Also in West Yorkshire here, Huddersfield, to be precise. Just wondered, if you ever fancied a knife chat, I'd be well up for it! I'm embarking on my own knife making journey, so would be great to pick your brain sometime.
    I've just been checking out the corian instructor knives you made, and they're very beautiful.

    Let me know if you ever fancy a meet up.

    All the best,

    Josh H
    Hi Mark
    Called in on the offchance today as I got a call for Huddersfield at lunchtime and found myself almost passing by. Was working with rivets the other day and it dawned on me that the waste bits might be useful, so I've dropped off some unused rivets. I wasn't trying to get it done on the cheap or cut corners by suggesting those aluminium rivet pins, it just looked like they might work while I was gathering up the waste. I still haven't been able to look for some brass just yet. There is no rush so if they aren't right then I've still got plan A :)

    All the best

    Sorry to PM you but just saw your post

    what shall I try to make?

    Regarding the grinds and heat treating of a blade, would the offer be open to myself too?

    I have heard someone making a blade out of an old file, is this possible? I have a couple old ones laying around and am signed of work for another month so need something to keep my hands busy.


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