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  • Hi, I'm hoping this is a new version of a PM - if not, apologies. Is the Bilmo tarp still for sale? If so, I'll take it.
    All the best,
    Inbox is full and i was wondering if there was any news regarding the pouch
    Thank you
    Hey mate. Trying to organise another meet at the "classified" venue. Will get some dates sorted with landowner, but shall I count you in? Still have the tarp of happiness for the wet stuff :)
    Sorry for not replying brother but i just got my internet back on.

    I sent them a few weeks back, unfortunately i must have written your adress out wrong.

    Luckily i work for Royal mail, what happened was it was sent to a sorting office in your area but due to it not being adressed correctly it was sent back to the sorting office it came from which i work at, i spent yesterday hunting the thing out of holdings.

    Could you re confirm your addy so i don't screw up again.

    Again i'm real sorry brother.
    Hi Tank,

    Hope everything is well. I haven't received the camelbak yet from the GIO thread and just wanted to make sure everything was still ok.

    Ho do mate
    how does the pub in shilton sound ?? save going to woodstock ??
    Oh the Light Weight is my mate Counch's he bough it and has been doing it up for about a year now, the snow was it's 1st 'trail by fire (or Ice in this case lol)
    Hi Tank just wanted to say thanks for such a warm welcome into the group had a great time. also wanted to check Dave name on the four is muddy boots ?
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