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  1. RAPPLEBY2000

    2 Handy books for making your own outdoor equipment

    Hi Guys, I just read John Fennas post on his amazing shirt, which reminded me of 2 books I own (sorry I'm not selling) that might help some of you guys interested in learning how to design and make clothing. Both books are perfect for such projects though David Plattens is far better in my...
  2. Exploriment


    I’ve been using a lacklustre toiletry bag for my sewing kit for about 15 years. I guess it sort of did the trick, but it was lacking in many ways. I often thought that I should gut the interior and rebuild it. But it always ended up on the back burner. I jokingly figured I would finish all the...
  3. Angst

    Singer 201 Mark 1 Hand-crank Sewing Machine For Sale

    SOLD TO PAULM....GLAD ITS GOING TO A GOOD HOME! the season is approaching and i'm way overdue a huge session at the sewing machines....gotta make more axe bags and i go i may well sort out a couple more machines for sale so watch this space! hi...heres more.... its obviously a very...
  4. Angst

    How To Clean A Singer 201-3 Mark II Sewing Machine...Very Picture Heavy.....

    Hi...havn't bought one in a while because for some weird reason the price of a 201 seems to be going through the roof lolol but a few days ago i snapped this one up for a good price and seeings it was in such a mess i decided to do a Cleaning W.I.P. a few of the parts were so rusted up that i...
  5. CommonZense

    DIY ridge-line organiser.

    Hi there! Quick post on sharing a project which I finished yesterday evening. I have a 2 compartment back pack (>10y old Tatonka) which I use for up to max 3 day trips. I'ld like to refer to the small compartment in the hood of the pack with the term 'grab bag'. To get this more organised, for...
  6. Angst

    Total Restoration Of My Y9991802 Singer 201

    hi....ok, here goes with the first installment, and boy, this has been fun and games!....with more games than fun! this is one of the first 201's made....after this 'Y' serial number it went on to 'EA....'...'EB....' was the first i've come across on ebay and i paid 35 for it. as you...
  7. craeg

    Singer 29k53 Leather Patcher

    Machine has now sold
  8. R

    Working with leather for the first time

    Hi, Ive just managed to get some off cuts of 0.8-1mm leather and want to make some tinder pouches. Was just wondering about sewing. Do people think i can get away with a machine on this thin leather or by hand with an awl. if a machine then perhaps a special needle? I dont want to start...
  9. Angst

    Amateur Restoration Of An EA854688 Singer 201K Sewing Machine

    Hi....i recently saw this on ebay and it was the first 'EA....' serial numbered machine i've seen apart from one that was in totally mint condition and being sold by a sewing machine shop therefore at such a high price i couldnt justify buying it. the lovely lady, Jan, who was selling it kindly...
  10. Angst

    My Singer 201k Collection

    yes yes yes it's very sad i know and getting out of control but finally got round to giving them all a clean up....feel free to give me as much stick as may help me curb my desires....then again, it may not....:p
  11. Angst

    Singer 201k Sewing Machine NUMBER 2!!!!!!!

    yes, i'm sad....but heres the second one....1947 model and even heavier than the last...again i've not sewn with it yet but it goes like a dream and seems has an early motor on it, though not the original, same with the light and foot pedal i believe but i like it more than the...
  12. Angst

    My New Singer 201k Sewing Machine

    hi...i thought this deserved a separate thread in itself in case anyone wishes to refer to it should they decide to follow suit in the future....and theres quite a few pics too to act as a visual guide....i've not so much as even wiped the machine down, this is exactly how i received it. it cost...
  13. big_swede

    Jacshirt sew-along

    I'm gonna make a new woolen jacshirt out of army blankets (dyed). And was wondering if anybody else would like to join this endeavour? It will be a perfect oppurtunity to make a decent fitting outergarment, and learn a lot about drafting, patternmaking and sewing in great detail during the...
  14. Exploriment

    More Citycraft than Bushcraft, but hey. The Messenge’mups

    Sorry. Double post. Please delete this.
  15. M

    My Frst Sewing Project

    My Mother-In-Law donated an old sewing machine she doesn't use any more and on Saturday I set it up in an attempt to figure out how to use it. Failing miserably having sat looking at the manual and the machine for about a half hour I gave up and phoned my Mum. Mums are great aren't they...
  16. L

    Sewing: good material for outer layer?

    Hi all, I'm thinking about starting a sewing project (first ever) this winter and thought making a single layer jacket would be nice. Are there any recommended fabrics for an outer layer that'll be used in the wood and doesn't have to be water proof but should be comfortable when active as...
  17. kard133

    Joined the club and brought this Singer :) now a few noob questions.

    I hope to collect this Singer 128k on Saturday. Now a few questions for those of you who know about these "Thread Injectors". The machine is described as working and I have downloaded the manual for it, but what do I use to clean the mechanisms prior to oiling? What accessories do you...
  18. H

    Swedish surplus anorak pattern

    EDIT: I should also say that these anoraks are known for having tight armpits. If you make one according to this pattern, it will probably have tight armpits. This post accompanies review and <mod thread in the works>. Product: Swedish surplus anorak (AKA snow smock, snow parka, vindblus...