2 Handy books for making your own outdoor equipment

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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Dec 2, 2003
Hi Guys,
I just read John Fennas post on his amazing shirt, which reminded me of 2 books I own (sorry I'm not selling) that might help some of you guys interested in learning how to design and make clothing.
Both books are perfect for such projects though David Plattens is far better in my opinion.
neither have bar codes so they are pretty old and probably out of print they both appear to be available from Amazon 2nd hand for 1p!

Making camping and outdoor gear
David Platten (ISBN 0 7153 8023 0)
The book is very useful, it discribes in great detail many projects from shirts trousers jackets to map cases and tents, and covers sewing techniques and fabric choice.

Backpacking equipment, making and using it
by G.R.Birch (ISBN 0 7137 0875 1)
This book is good as it demonstrates different techniques and ideas but it's prehaps a little dated and less helpfull as it shows very personal designs made by the author which I can't imagine would suit many, including an uncomfortable looking retro rucksack frame made with leather straps and colapsable walking stick.

(p.s. please don't buy either for the advertised £100+ price they really aren't worth that much!)

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