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  • hi davey nice to hear from you hoping to get to next meet but will only just be back from holland will have to meet up later in year and you can tech me that fig 4 trap
    Just a note to a friend who is always full of 'constructive' comments.. Jimbo75 started a mailstorm on a thread ..over my sweet innocent lanyard.. oops.. so I've had to change my blog.. be careful of what you put out there Davey.. there's always others who will just rip you to pieces.. rather than a well done pat on your back for your efforts!!

    Axe Talk Thread.. I think I put em straight! ;)
    My latest project I've been putting together..

    My Axe Safety Sling

    I dont know if anyones ever done one like this, but I thought it was an improvement over a standard Axe cord.

    What are you views Davey, would appreciate some.. is it O.T.T.. or practical and sweet?

    All I need now is to make the leather sheath!!

    Hope to see you at the next meet Davey for cross tips on your US ammo cooker/warmer!! Me and Jimbo was well impressed!! Gona try and make one too! .. (If i have time for March meet!!)

    Anyway, we are buzzing with idea's now thanks to you (and your warm Tee-Pee!!) Jimbo re-searched further and suggested a small beer keg design that he's read up on the web!
    we will keep you posted on it! (I have a more compact Bushcraft idea!)

    I have a new blog at http://wolfcrafter.blogspot.com/
    Jims is http://jimbobushcraft.blogspot.com/

    Pics and things on the meets!!

    Pics of last two meets!!!
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