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  • Hi Simon, I hope all is well. Any chance of sending that crook knife from the swap please? It's been a while.
    Hiya Simon just to let u know I will be there tomorrow
    Cos I was going to northward if I hadn't herd out but since I now know its on I will defo be there

    Hiya Simon
    How are we and how's the family
    Now in regards bowely what's the score with hammocking and
    Can u teach me the bow drill (cos I have made meself a bow) while were at bowely
    Also are we in the same camp place as last time and should I bring the shute
    cheers in advance drew
    Very interested in the Rush 72. Can you please let me know what it is like confort wise and also what it is like size wise. I would be wanting to fit a normal 4 season sleeping bag and overnight gear in one. Would it accomodate that?

    Many thanks
    hiya simon i know this is short notice but if u and the family want to come on a walk in pickering north yorkshire tommorrow i might be going and wouldnt mind the company but it all hinges on wheather or not my mate is going cos unless i can find some one to go with i dowt i will go
    so let me know if you would like to come and we can arrange some thing

    hello, thank you for your generosity on the forums.

    as I said in the thread the medic pouch would be incredibly useful to me.

    I will endeavour to pass some of my unused gear on through the forums as thanks, not much bushcraft kit but sure I can find something!


    Christian Bonsall
    "Sunnyside" Carnon Crescent,
    Carnon Downs
    TR3 6HL
    Hi James,

    I only found one place to hammock - near the picnic table at the top of the hill is a stand of conifers, I usually go in there, but TBH I usually bivvy bag these days as it means I can go to more places.

    Hi Simon, i hope you're well?

    I don't know if you remember but we met briefly around the fire at Middlewood. We got talking about our noble profession :eek:) and discovered we had a mutual friend in Keith Wilson (forrest of Burnley). I bumped into him and he offered me the use of Thievely Wood to bushcraft in, which i plan to do this weekend, with a couple of mates. The thing is, being a young wood, what is it like for hanging a hammock in? Can you recommend a particular part? Grd ref or GPS co-ords would be great, if poss :eek:)

    As an alternative i have been trying to contact the good people at Middlewood to check availability, but to no avail. Do you know if they shut down over winter? Or do you have a better line of communication that i could pursue?

    Kind regards

    James (Trunks)
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