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  • Hi Mate,

    I'll take the Sigg please, let me know how and where you want it and i'll sort it.

    Thinking of the haglofs too......


    Hi mate. Just noticed you were interested in the Bushtool that's for sale. I have a black handled Bushtool with linners going up for sale in the next few days, its a one off and I have not made a sheath yet just in case you are a leftie or would like a specific sheath made, the knife has one small flaw , it has a few scratches on the blade otherwise its fine also a stainless buttplate, I usually use 01.
    All the best .Rob.
    I've always stop scanning the forum to look at your avatar. Do you always shoot the longbow? I think they are true works of art and have a wonderful history.
    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the message, i can't even remember reading it as it's the standard message that comes with vbulletin, the forum software and it's been there for 7 years. I've edited it now quickly though as i see your point.

    Thanks for the past support

    All the best
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