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  1. H

    What's your cordage of choice for tarp/hammock

    I'm thinking of moving into the world of tarp and hammock camping and am wondering what experience has taught others about cordage for such a set up. I mean in terms of: what length ridge line do you use? What length guy lines? what diameter cord? Same for hammock webbing, what length and width...
  2. rulyg26

    What to Lie on when In your hammock

    Hi guys just wondering what other people use when inside their hammock, I got a DD travel hammock and Tarp for Christmas and am keen to get using them would a aerobed pakmat be a sensible idea? just wondering what everyone else uses ?????
  3. basicbushcraft

    group buy dd hammock

    hi guys if any of you are you are up for the group buy let me know i will pm you price list
  4. S

    Need to get this off my chest

    I've just ordered a bear mountain bridge hammock from Jacks R Better. LINK can't wait for it to arrive. I'll post a review once it's here. Simon:cool:
  5. T

    Why do so many people use a Tarp/Hammock setup instead of a normal Tent/Sleeping bag?

    I'm new to the whole bushcraft thing and all I seem to hear about are tarps and hammocks and not very much on tents.. Why do so many people perfer hammocks? Is it purely to do with the whole 'not sleeping on the floor' thing? If so it doesn't bother me, I've spent a few nights on a...
  6. tjwuk

    100g Goose down wanted

    Hi all, I am after about 100g of goose down. I already have some from my xmas dinner:christmas1: birds but would like to try my hand at adding to that and making a hammock underblanket. Also if available any material, pertex etc that wil do as the cover. 2x 2.25m x 1.7m. Thanks all in advance...
  7. shogun

    dd hammock & condensation

    hi i have the dd hammock & dd tarp & also bought a snugpack underquilt on here..but i have been reading on a lot of forums that the dd suffers from condensation building up in the hammock..my hammock is unused and i am goind too get rid if a lot of people have this problem!! as i no this is not...
  8. Fredcompanybushcraft

    Cheap Hammocking

    I've got forty quid left over from Christmas... I want to get some kit for hammocking I've seen a lot of recommendations for DD hammocks because of their cheapness and relatively good quality. So should I buy a camping hammock, cheap tarp and some paracord or should I save up for some better...
  9. The Cumbrian

    Underblanket and Quilt Minimum Temperature?

    What's the coldest that anyone has used their underblanket and quilt combo down to? I've used mine to about -8 / -10, but as it's likely to get a fair bit colder than that in Sweden I might have to resort to ground dwelling. I tend to sleep quite warm, and I also wear my clothes to sleep in...
  10. shogun

    Slap Strap Hammock Suspension Kit

    hi everyone i am new too bushcraft i have the dd hammock & tarp set up although i havent used it yet,just set up in back garden too try.excellnt was surprised how comfy it was..anyway i was thinking of doing the hammock mod by chainsaw..i found Hammock Suspension Kit made from webbing with...
  11. D

    Hammock Question

    I keep flirting with the idea of a hammock. But just not sure how comfy they are, and it's a lot of money to spend on just finding out. Now, one of things I don't like about the look of a hammock is how it seems to wrap up along the sides too tightly,making the enclosed look like a fly in a...
  12. B

    mozzie net on a Hennesey..

    Is it fine enough to keep out the dreaded scottish midgie?? Not been able to find the answer on here and wanted to make sure before I 'splash the cash' :o
  13. Chris the Cat

    snugpak coccoon hamock sleeping bag

    Being as it would seem that the latest GB for this item has been unable to get the numbers it needs,does anyone know where else it is possible to sorce one of these/ Cheers. C da C.
  14. O

    Clark Jungle Hammock (NX-25) review

    If anyone's interested, there's a review of this on SOTP http://www.songofthepaddle.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=20002&page=2
  15. Greenbeast

    DD Camping Hammock

    I received my first hammock this week, a DD camping hammock. Both ends have a length of webbing through the channel, obviously giving me two loose ends at each end. How do i use this? Do i pull it almost all the way through and tie the short end to the long (i.e. make a loop out of the short...
  16. D

    Hammock Advice

    Mmm...I keep thinking about getting a hammock. To be specific, one of the DD Travel Hammocks. There are two things I'd like to know, though. Fistly, the weight capacity. A friend has one and I always think they look quite delicate. He has said I could try it, but I'm scared of getting in it...
  17. Paullyfuzz

    Hennesy Hammock mods ?

    Has anyone in the UK had their HH modded. What i mean by modded is the entry slit stitched up and zips added to the mozzy net so you can roll it up when not in use ? I know from the hammock forums site that there is a place in the US that does these mods, but was wondering if there is...
  18. allenko

    magikelly hammock setup tips

    Hi, just picked up a magikelly hammock 2nd hand but unused. When new would it have come with destructions? I've reviewed carefully a recent PDF on tarp and hammock set up by bushblade however the magikelly hammock has hooks at each end was looking for some advice on the best way to rig it...
  19. Nice65

    Tarp material to make snakeskins

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some dark green lightweight tarp fabric? I want to make some snakeskins for my new hammock. It's bigger than DD or Hennessy so needs a custom sheath. I'm sure someone mentioned a tarpmaker on here somewhere, maybe they could even design and sew them for...
  20. myotis

    DD frontline Hammock vs the rest

    I'm thinking of buying a DD frontline hammock. I like the idea of the breathable material and its at a price I feel happy to pay (missed the group buy of course), but I know nothing about Hammocks. I have read through several posts on hammocks but I'm not sure if I am any wiser about the...