What are you buying yourself for Christmas?

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Woody girl

Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Mar 31, 2018
A giant, and very expensive box of cherry brandy chocolates.
A good bottle of merlot
A massive cheese selection of all my favourite cheeses.
Some smoked salmon.
To be honest, xmas this year is me on my own, and I have nothing I actually want, or need.
Most of what I wanted or needed was bought during the year with money I'd saved by not going to the usual events that pepper my calendar
So I've decided that it will be just a normal a day as possible, but with a few treats foodwise.
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A precision table saw for working on the miniatures with.
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Full Member
Aug 3, 2018
West Midlands
After much deliberation I have treated myself to a Winnerwell Nomad small stove. Very impressed with the quality of the stainless steel construction. The fold away titanium was just too expensive. The small Nomad will be carried on my trike.


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Spirit fish

Aug 12, 2021
I'm not supposed to know, but the one small item of kit I want has already been ordered by Madame after my comments when British Red ran his post on mini-flashlights. I also struck lucky recently in a competition run by Warrensmith on another place. So, there is nothing I can treat myself to in the guise of a present this year.

A lifetime of accumulating kit means I really have everything I need and quite a lot of things that I have wanted but not really needed. Only the fantasy items remain; my own patch of woodland, an all-terrain campervan, a trip with Paul Kirtley on a Canadian river being some examples.

Do you have any small items you intend to indulge yourself with? And if your lottery numbers come up, have you any Bushcraft fantasies to fulfil?
I'm a minimilist and practise bushcr aft with just my clothing and a knife maybe a fishing rod occasionally so no but I would like a wood gasifie r stove

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