Hex Fly / Tarp Group Buy

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On the hammock group buy I was often asked about what tarp to use. I use a hennessy hex fly and I have now been in contact with a company that can supply the Henessy Hex Flys. These retail usually for £50 plus postage. I am trying to negotiate a bulk discount but need numbers first. If I cannot get the cost down to less than £50 delivered to your door, including PayPal fees then I would not be going ahead. What I need is an idea of how many people are interested. There is no comitment at this point just a note of interest.

The Hex Fly is 3.5m along the ridge line and 3m wide. It is what you see in the following Pictures. Good for use with a group buy, ecosystem or hennessy hammock as well as just for a bivi. Weight is about 1kg

As usual I am not making money on this but since people kept asking.......... Also I was in touch with this retailer anyway about another product for a group buy that kind of started by accident on BB (see the Ghost Ring group buy thread:rolleyes: )


Id be interested mate. Been looking out for one of these for a while anyway, so if you could get your hands on 'em for that price, id definately take one. Get on the phone to that company mate, and work your magic! :lmao: :cool:


Making memories since '67
Good grief!

That is 9 already, not including me. As it is a high cost item I had thought I might struggle to get 5 names. Oh well more ammunition to work on a discount.

It may be Monday before I can get a hold of the retailer and start to soften them up.


Making memories since '67
Wayland said:
How much extra would it be to go for the Silnylon hex fly?
Don't know but I had already asked the question. Looking at the US prices it is almost double the price but it is slightly wider. than the regular Hex Fly. Also I have never seen these listed on any UK site so think they may be a special order. Still, as I say I have asked the question.