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  • hi sandbag :) i wanted to join in with the dd hammocks group buy but when i tried to post, it said i didnt have permission to post, but I'm a member and don't understand why i dont have permission... please help or is it too late? cheers!
    It because you are still new to the forum. Not an issue what would you like
    thanks for joining us and our family in the evening i hope you and chav got home safe i.e car didnt break down lol
    Thanks again for organising that group buy.
    The tarpgets a try out this weekend before it's trip out to the Lakes in May.
    hello there,

    Just saw your post about DD hammocks and tarps. Are you still thinking about doing a group buy at all in feb. I would be intrested to hear the details etc. Ive just checked their website and the travel hammock seems to be out of stock!

    Sorry to bother you about all this, Many thanks Jimmy.
    Hi there and thanks for organizing this i have sent payment via paypal.Once again thank you
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