Greenheat backpack stove

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Mar 7, 2007
This looks like the stuff I use a lot for work, although they are called Ecoflame "warming" gel, Very good product for "warming" bain marie chafing dishes. I think, as others say they would be crap for cooking on.
You can get 2 or 6 hour burn time ones for 80p to £1 and are allegedly enviromentally friendly and ok for indoor use.
I do not advise or condone using them in a tent in any way but I use them in My tentipi as cheap/ long lasting/ better alternative to all other heating options i've found so far.



May 8, 2005
Hmm.. I use the Green slime sachets a lot in my Crusader cooker. I found that by insulating the bottom of the cooker with folded layers of foil, and adding the empty wrapper to the slime, you get a better flame. The best thing is one of Warthog's lids on the mug and you can actually boil water. Even in the cold. I put two ration pouches in the mug with water and one sachet gives enough heat to warm the meals and then top up the water and burn another sachet and it's great for tea. When I first used them without ground insulation or lids, and not burning the wrapper, they were indeed poo...

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