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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
May 12, 2005
South Marches
Mmm... not sure about that. On my first day I was totally dependant upon everybody else and sh*t in my pants - that sound too much like decrepit old age to me :)

Every day is a positive day; that's how I live my life!

I guess it should be that you live every day as it were the first day of the rest of your life, rather than the first day you were born... :)


Mar 29, 2016
I am the same here as woody girl, some of the opportunities I have passed up could make me cry too. One was to move to yellow knife, in the northern territories of Canada, basically the North Pole, was given a job opportunity to as an environmental scientist, fast track canadian citizenship in a single month, house and an eye watering wage.....fear of such a change stopped me. Deeply regret

But since then I have taken the chance on a number of things, now I have a wife, two lovely girls, authored policy and law for the UK (air quality), authored and designed the baseline for agricultural environmental schemes impacts from 2020 and now work to preserve raw water resources.

Time to do more for myself and my new family, so will take up the challenge and get out more with them.....camping is a great start, and more forest school days :)


Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jul 14, 2008
I don't live my life taking advantage of every opportunity coming my way. I simply don't see them all.

Heights? With you in that fear but can't let it stop you. I left uni and a very good hiking society. I wanted to find something similar near where I lived but there wasn't. Ramblers were full of old people who were rudely exclusionary towards me since I was third their age or younger.

So I joined the local BMC affiliated club. Well they walked all year round in uk hills. I just had to climb and scramble with them a bit to fit in. Scary stuff but I noticed fear became less strong. Personally my trick is find out who is as scared as you then stick to them. If they crack first it often focuses my attention on helping them and I forget I'm as messed up by heights as they are. It worked for me. Still can't abseil though I can hang on a rope held by someone else. I usually means that if I'm climbing up an indoor wall at one grade I'm climbing down it too. I can up and down climb the equivalent of E2 in indoor wall grades. Never found out my limit up climbing only but it'll be higher at my peak.

My rambling point is when you've got a choice of taking the easy route but choose the harder you often find out you manage perfectly well. Fear of heights really just needs exposure to it but with competent and confident people.
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Jan 18, 2009
Mid Wales
When I was sixteen I went on a rock-climbing weekend at Malham. I borrowed a load of gear off an older kid that was a very experienced climber - rock-climbing shoes, helmet, harness, gloves …..

At the first climb, a quite long rockface climb, one of the instructors went up first to take a line up. Then, the second instructor sent me up and I went up unaided. At the top the instructor offered me a cigarette and, when I told him I didn't smoke, he said 'not even after a climb like that?' - I really enjoyed that for my first ever climb I said - at which point he had a fit and got a little cross - clearly I had all the gear and no idea :)

On the same trip I got my helmet stuck in a narrowing chimney (I had taken the wrong route) - freeing that (by taking it off and hitting it from above) was one of the most frightening things I've ever done!
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Bushcrafter (boy, I've got a lot to say!)
Jul 14, 2008
My frightening moment was setting off up the steep side of great gable. Straight up the face following the uni hike soc walk leader. Seems he climbs lot and didn't think a climbing grade only just below e1 was hard. Thank goodness a lass got crag bound just above me which calmed me down. I concentrated more on helping her move up than the fact one slip from me or her would send me to the valley bottom too quickly for my liking.

Other stupid situations later I'm still breathing and more confident in myself too. It's the difficulties or fears overcome that have given me the most over the years. Confidence and good attitude to life.


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I've learned off others, including their mistakes. Things change as you grow up, and, unfortunately, they change when you grow old, so be positive and make your own changes before you have too. I made the decision to move before I had to. From that idyllic "house in the country" into a flat in a quiet town. Everyone said I would regret it, but the opposite is true. I can lock the door and take off without having to bother with ground maintenance etc. After several decades of living "off grid" and the work it entails, I'm looking forward to another adventure; spending sometime travelling in my own country, spontaneously.

Our family support your view. Our sons and daughters in law have begun a campaign to get us to move into town near our elder son so an eye can be kept on us when we get old and decrebit, as opposed to just old! Their position is plain common sense but after a lifetime of self reliance and independence we don't feel ready to give up yet. We have agreed that neither of us would continue to live in our village house on our own.

Our place in France is just what you now have. We lock it up and leave it to go travelling or come back to our main base in England. Perhaps we should get something similar in town here.

Funny how a New Year provokes thoughts of change.
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Woody girl

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Mar 31, 2018
I'm definatly going to try and do more of my bucket list this year.
I've lost two family members in the last few years. My son and partner. I've had one heart attack.. thankfully mild but it did require a Stent. ... so now I live life to the best of my ability though other illnesses pack a limit or two of their own. I have to live my life for them now aswell.
I doubt I will do some of the things I'd like to do such as the camino, but there is plenty else to do. Maybe need a bit of help now and then, but then that's life when you get older.
I try to face at least one dragon a year. That means doing something that makes you afraid.. such as my abseiling experience. You never know. You might conquer that dragon and banish it for ever giving yourself more confidence and a new hobby.
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Feb 10, 2019
Our family support your view. Our sons and daughters in law have begun a campaign to get us to move into town n

I learned from the difference between my own parents and my in-laws. My in-laws were always "a jump ahead" and did things before they had too. My own parents didn't, and the result was "hell". I suppose no one likes change when everything is going well.

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