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  • Hi Tony, I enjoyed your piece about "knives and the law" It is the clearest item I have seen on this subject
    Al previous ones have given the impression that if your knife was in the bottom of a rucksack or in
    The boot of your car, all was O.K. Because it was not immediately to hand.
    Cheers Stuart.
    Hi Tony , looking to subscribe and happy to use paypal but not on an automatic recurring basis as had bad experiences with that in past. Is there any way to sub non recurring Paul
    Dear Tony
    I’ve just booked for the core days at the summer moot (very excited) and in the spirit of give as well as take and trying not to be presumptuous, I carve little folk (see posts in DIY andTrad crafts) I’m also a kayak / canoe coach and didn’t know whether you would like me to run / help in a workshop
    Just an offer I won’t be offended if it doesn’t fit in etc
    Dear Tony and Shelley,
    Thank you so much for our beautiful wedding present and card. The quaich is proudly on display in our Dundee living room and will definitely be coming out to Saudi Arabia with me in the Autumn, when I move there to join Graham. We've already made a start at 'rationalising' our worldly goods here in Dundee, but, haven't even looked at our camping stuff, yet!
    I hope that you and your little ones are all well?
    Kind regards, Katy
    hiya tony

    how are we? recovered from the moot? i hope so and hows shelly and the gang? Now then the reason i am emailing you is to ask if i would be allowed to get bushcraftuk.com embroidered with the logo on to the back of my cloak.
    Also if i am allowed please could you send me a J peg of the bushcraftuk.com and logo artwork because it will be easier for the embroiderer as you probably all ready know. my email address is DrewDunnRespect@hotmail.com
    thanks again
    Hi Tony,
    I've been sending some emails to shelley regarding overpaying for the Bushmoot this year as i was planning to come for the whole week but can only make the weekend.Shelley said it would be fine to use the extra money to become a full member and just needed my user name to sort this out. As you can see it's Scott Of The LLandow but was also wondering if you could change the 2nd L in Llandow to lower case if poss??
    I sent a couple of chase up emails but had no reply back,i know you must be very busy just starting to worry no one can hear me out in cyberspace :(

    Many thanks

    Scott Of The LLandow
    Oye Boss, you've passed the 10,000 post mark without a party! :confused::eek::rolleyes:


    Ye olde spammerT :D
    HI i am interetsed in being a seller on bushcraft uk? Ahjno says your the person to speak to if you could let me know if your ok with that and what to do i would aappreciate it

    kind regards

    Hi Tony! Hi Shelly! To both of you and to all your beautiful kids,
    It's not bad at the moment, it's a bit overcast today, so it's only about 25c
    I don't even need the AC on!
    I'm probably getting used to the heat a bit.
    I like the new forum software, I've even set up a virtual "scottish corner" :D
    I'll be starting work on Saturday (Saudi weekend is Thursday/Friday) It'll be good to have something to do.

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