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  • Sorry bud I cheated completely ;)
    It was one of the group buy mozzie nets from an age ago. It was from Magikelly and purchased at the same time as the group buy hammocks.
    It works a treat and has been tested against midge and mozzie.
    Hey Dwardo,
    I spotted a picture of your hammock setup in the thread "Pimp my hammock, help please" and although I can't really help you beyond the advice already given, I'm really interested in how you've modded your mossy net. I've got a DD camping hammock and with no built in net I've got two cheap nets that I'm still trying to get to hang correct since they're a box design and a bed design. Not useful shapes for a hammock. I can see you've modded your box design net somehow. But can't make it out on the picture. Have you wrapped the net underneath the hammock?, and how did you gather the ends together?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    If the crack is running with the grain its probably not an issue. Keep on tillering and you may loose the crack alltogether.
    If your worries fire over a picture and we can get a better idea. Elm can check a little when drying, especially when the weather is warm and more so on small saplings. Denne worry abhout it though as i have seen bows with a 12 inch crack right through the bow and and they shoot fine ;)

    Hiya Dwardo

    I was just wondering if you wouldnt mind giving me some more bow advice!

    Just in the process of doing my second bow. I am using an elm sapling about 3 inches diameter.

    I have started to take wood off the belly (have taken about 1.5 inches off so far) but have noticed a faint crack running along the center of one of the limbs (it looks like there is a very small pith line running along it and thats where the crack is). Does this mean the bow is now firewood? The crack has not gone all the way through to the outside of the bow but is just a faint crack on the honey coloured heart wood at the min.

    I have strapped it up and am keeping it somewhere cool for a bit to try and save it.

    I was fairly confident that i had dried it slowly so am a bit peed off!


    .PS i think your inbox is full so have had to send a visitor msg
    Good stuff.

    Feel free to post any pcitures you may have if you need any advice.
    A quick tip is make it look like a bow before you start it bending. About 2 inch wide limbs just off the handle area tapering to half inch tips. Make sure all heavy tool marks are removed and the limbs are an even thickness through out their lenght. Then start the bending side of things,. Start out with the limbs being about 3/4 of an inch thick and remember that one slip of the axe at this point and its all over ;)
    thanks for the advice. i am not that far into it yet just started first shaping with the axe. its still pretty chunky mind.
    i'm really enjoying puttin the work into it so far though i think it'l end up being the first of many.
    I didnt even know this bit existed lol :)

    Hi Cal,

    Its not very traditional but i use modern materials like dacron B50 etc. Just shop bought.
    I have made strings in the past from linnen etc but they tend to wear quick and if i have spendt a long time making a bow the last thing i want is the string snapping and killin it, or me for that matter.

    Where are you upto with your bow making?
    hi dwardo. i'm cal.
    i'm making my first bow at the moment and was wondering about what to string it with.
    do you use sinew? if so where do you get hold of it?
    any pointers would be greatly appreciated as i understand your the man to ask about these things. cheers mate
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