" Beach Meet " Uh Oh ! Friday The 13TH...

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Jan 19, 2012
Chepstow, Wales
Adam, *** do the forecasters know?

This morning the BBC were giving rain warnings of upto 60mm of rain here today with flood warnings all over the shop.
It's about 21 in the shade with patchy blue sky and not a droplet so far.

I have ordered a lorry load of sunshine for the meet so worry not my stable friend!
Well it's hammering down here, has been all day. I used to have a garden, but now I have a lake. Access to the property is via a 30p ferry ride, followed by a 20 yard swim. When I went to get some chips from the freezer, a passing trawler asked directions to the nearest shoal of cats, before weighing anchor and proceeding in a northerly direction (toward the cape of fear, just past shipwreck cove), where he attempted to get more sense from a merpostman , delivering fresh sails and oars to the boat house (previously known as the town hall).


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May 11, 2007
Pontypool, Wales, Uk
I I used to rent my property from a housing association. We were having problems with drainage, and the garden kept filling up with water and then cascading as a waterfall into next door. Repeated complaints were met with no response.

One of their rules were that we could have any pet we liked, so long as we notified them first. So I called them and said "Since our garden is currently a swamp, we are getting a pet crocodile. Just letting you know."

The drainage was sorted within the week.

I'm awfully glad we don't live there any more though.


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Jan 19, 2012
Chepstow, Wales
Update from Welsh horsey from sunny Wales (ok, it's no longer sunny but it's nay bad);

I have an official permission slip to attend carrot crunching country for the meet. I'll be down around 2pm Thursday and will pack wet weather gear just incase my order of sunshine is unable to be delivered on time due to weather.
Anyone else apart from Icky Sticky and Tricky Ticky (Ivans new name) attending Thursday?


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Jan 30, 2010
hi everyone just been to go outdoors and bought a vango halo 200 tent reduced from £160 to £60 -15%=£52 at the till bargain will be using that at the meet as there is no real hanging places I'm getting excited now don't after about the rain as long as we all get together regards dave

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