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  • Hi Ivan, Only just spotted your message! Thanks for thinking of me regarding booking a slot at the site. I never know very far in advance when camping is on as all sorts of things crop up. Will just have to take a chance that there is a place when I can. How about weekdays? My preference would be to tuck myself away in a corner somewhere and be totally self sufficient. Might have some old 5ps lurking around somewhere or failing that how about some half crowns :) cheers Alistair
    Hi Alistair, hope you are well buddy ,just a thought i am getting a lot of interest in the site , and after the BCUK meet i think it will go a bit mad , so if you want to book a slot sometime , even well in advance ,coz i know you dont do the group things give us a shout and i will reserve you some space ,doesnt matter if you cancel i wont have any trouble filling it .By the way ive zeroed my gun in and have written to the treasury asking them to prduce the new 5p coin in larger format ! say hi to Dave
    atb Ivan..
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