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  • Hi there! I see you live in Chepstow, I was wondering where abouts that you go to practice your bushcraft skills. I live in Caerwent which is very close so was interested because I would love to go out and learn some skills but wasn't sure what places are like for fire starting, knife carrying etc.
    Will do. Bandages come off Tue, shall know more then. Likely to be Dec at least before they let me dirve - stir crazy :aargh4: :D
    Hi I saw you're at Chepstow and that you have meets. I'm near Hereford, would like to meet up when my feet are good again (just had foot surgery) neaxt year.
    Oi my man, hows things? Long time no speak, ive been working away in Cambridge for AGGGGGGESSS. Done any more nights out? Im back for good now and fancy another one if your up for it? Be great to catch up, was an awsome laugh last time. Hope all is well.
    An idea would be to get those pictures up! ;) lol and yeah we will definitely go somewhere mate, i wouldnt mind a good few days in the farm to be honest.
    I'm running low now! I may need a trip back to qucks to replenish supply. I reckon we should look at planning another meet for the spring? Any ideas?
    haha, Tramadol is the stuff!!!!! Get em' down you! Unlucky with the knee, cant wait to see the pictures!!!
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