" Beach Meet " Uh Oh ! Friday The 13TH...

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Paul Webster

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Jan 29, 2011
I really wanted to make the 'jolly Dartmoor beach boys outing' but alas, work intervened. Don't feel sorry for me though, I'm spending the next two days in Bournemouth on a works fancy dress do as me and 24 of my colleagues try and drink our own body weight in alcoholic beverages. I hear Bournemouth even has my favourite flavour of strip club...spearmint!
Hope you all have a great weekend and hope to catch up soon.


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Jul 28, 2011
Hi Paul, earlybird! sorry to hear that pal , still as you say something equally bushy in the pipeline! sounds like my kind of do!
Have a great time , and catch up very soon .

Hi Ritchie , have read your sexy text and will reply , not all of us are up at that time !

Not sure if i could drink Pauls body weight in alcohol ? Oh sod it , i will give it a good go , i love a challenge .


Apr 13, 2010
East Devon
Well that was fun!
Back early as busy tomorrow. Great location and all the local dog walkers were very friendly. A young (22) lad strolled past with his back pack on and said hello, ended up staying with us overnight and joining in with the fun. Now he is an honoury member of the Jolly Boys.
Lots of fishing done but up to when I left nothing caught.
Can't believe my head is actually sunburnt!!!
Great to meet Steve and Richie and hook up again with my other mates and already looking forward to the next one.
By the way.....Ivan has a strange way of catching tennis balls!


Oct 20, 2007
I will let others more affected tell the tale of anger inducing vandalism and stupidity
A great time on the beach not only met the young hiker but on first night met a few thousand sand hoppers who were passing by and stopped in my tent.
adequate zipping put a stop to that.
Jones the butcher and Skate great to meet you; Greenman you never said goodbye to me so in my own way I now assume you hate me.Ivan and A you need to get out more!!!
Richie thanks for the imaginary tow in your tactical lilo lol.It was like an evacuation situation which I rather enjoyed apart from the near swamping
As usual good food ,beer and company. Back to work and planning my Galloway Hills solo jaunt.

PS if anyones interested I am having an overnighter in my local spot 28th julyto meet a local guy who is making whoopie slings Jolly boys welcome and the stay can be extended if you want PM for details
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Jul 28, 2011
Hi Guys, well that was great fun , firstly i won't list all the poor fellas that couldn't make it for various reasons ,safe to say you all appeared in our thoughts conversation and mickey taking. Next time !

I think i have to touch on a subject, that i was so incensed with i nearly started a new thread about it , to see if it had happpened to others on BCUK, i still even might .

We all had a magical weekend , despite a mixed bag of weather , but on our return to our vehicles we found some very brave soul had punctured an offside tyre on two members cars , although not my vehicle and the fact that one of ours was untouched , it took whichever fool responsible a fair bit of effort to get to where we were parked (very remote and obvious they drove a vehicle there to carry out the deed ) Which leads me to believe it was somebody relatively local to the area .

Not to worry , i have taken out a contract on them !also i am putting a poster together to be displayed at the area ,to warn others and to offer the idiot a showdown (seriously complete with my contact details ) I am not a violent man by any means , but if i only could have been wandering back to the car (to get more beer) and have caught the sh1tebag , it would have been a very interesting spell , followed by the "leave no trace ethic" dragged his sorry **** back to camp cooked and eaten the pillock .

Anyway , moving on for the moment , thankyou everyone that came and had a fab time , i certainly did , once again ,great company ,brill food , lots of beer and as usual stomach ache from laughing , some very good photos to follow .

Much more to come , but for now i am off to the beach , to do some detective work , to try and find the phantom tyre stabber, and those who know me , know he will be very very sorry indeed , he will wish he had not bothered..