Armchair Bushcraft

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May 17, 2008
north west uk
Another change I have noticed over time is that I remember a time on this forum that a subject like this would have created a lively debate, a flurry of postings.

Those days seem to have gone...

Over 200 people have opened this post, but only four have bothered to make any kind of response. That seems to be the level of interaction that I see on most posts now. No wonder people cannot be bothered to create and post up interesting content any more.

I think back to the days that I came to this site looking for inspiration, it was the first tab I checked, every day, on my browser when it opened up. I used to see postings on every outdoor subject I could imagine and some indoor as well. Now I just see adverts for knives. It is usually the last Tab I check now. It's very sad.

Every now and again I think "I can't really grumble if I'm not posting stuff up myself", so I try my best to write something interesting or post some pictures of my latest project but it usually falls as flat as this one has.

I've made some wonderful friends through this site over the years and I'm not going to give up on it yet, but mostly I find myself talking to those friends on other social media where I get more feedback.

BCUK is however is still a fantastic information resource, the search facility is far superior to anything on FaceBook or the like. Don't let it wither on the vine, it's future is in your hands.
i have to admit i am guilty of not interacting so much of late, not really browsing so much.partly due to another time consuming project and partly as i used to log on in my break at work and the it stasi had blocked access to the old i just jumped on to see how old acquaintances were holding up and adapting to covid being a resourceful bunch...anyway first post is yours and a window into something new:- steam tenting! i was aware of steam punk and liked the look my lads attended a couple of steam punk themed weddings a while back but i thought it was more for the younger generation. now i see i have missed a trick. i picked up a seemingly unused unwanted canvas tent ( blacks of greenock patrol tent ?a "nijer" for a pittance from a local scout group who have moved to lightweight 2 man tents.a couple of years back. i got back into canvas when i got a polish lavvu, i have a portable woodbuner stove and have the means to exit the flue safely, and a couple of extras like a fire extinguisher and a carbon monoxide alarm.also camp beds lanterns tripod and cast ironware. now all i need is a suitable outfit and freedom to roam.any pointers to guide me into exploring this further? i note your photography is as excellent as ever.should you not have a plate camera in mahogany and brass to complement your setup? my late new years resolution... i will try to log on and post more often. good to see the stalwharts of the forum like toddy et al are all still here.


I have a nice wooden tripod but my plate camera is quite modern and digital is a lot easier to get results from.

We're obviously locked down at the moment but we normally meet up in the Midlands. I can't remember where you are based and the forum doesn't seem to tell us anymore.