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  1. Fursty Ferret

    Sold Wood Burner FourDog Ultra Light Titanium I Camp Stove

    FourDog Ultra Light Titanium I Camp Stove; this isn't a twig feeder nor a back straining lump - as used by trappers in Alaska, built tough/to last and to pump out the heat. £417 all in (inc. PP/P&P) Condition good BUT - has a 1.5” long 5mm at height of convex dent in it (see pictures/cosmetic...
  2. Dave Budd

    Sold MSR Whisperlite stove

    I bought this a few years ago, but have only used it a handful of times (I normally have a forge whenever I'm camping!). It comes with a jet for 'white gas and automobile gasoline' and a jet for 'kerosene and jet fuel', fuel bottle, servicing kit and foil windshield; basically everything but the...
  3. Tipi

    Sold Trangia 27 non stick

    Trangia 27 with nonstick pans and kettle. Think this the new UL windshields stove in general is in used but good condition, all working, no dents. Non stick is generally in good condition but slightly worn in patches (see pics) £30 Ono posted to the uk DUOSSAL NOW SOLD SEPARATELY.
  4. Tipi

    Sold Trangia X2 in box

    Used but very good condition Trangia X2 in box with instructions and original receipt. Box, instructions, carry pouch, service tool, 2 jets, trangia fuel bottle, and pump. Needs a new priming pad, but I’ve just been pre-heating with gas which is much quicker and cleaner. £95 ono (inc...
  5. Story

    Withdrawn Reduced Littlbug Junior Stove with Fire Bowl

    off to ebay
  6. GreenNomad

    Aloc Alcohol Stove

    Just ordered the Aloc Alcohol Stove. Looks good, dirt cheap at £10. Great reviews. Anyone else use these ??
  7. M

    Stove/fuel for South America - (Previously Petrol stoves recommendations)

    Oh no not another stove thread. I was considering an alcohol stove for my forthcoming trip, but since I'll be at altitude (3,000m) and cooking for two of us, everyone has recommended mulifuel stove. To me that means petrol since I mightn't be able to get and carry white gas in the depths of...
  8. L

    Large but packable wood gas stove

    Just a little project to pick your experienced brains with (if you would all be so kind) I am planning a week on Dartmoor with a few friends & I (in the spirit of wanting to be difficult) I am wanting to take a Dutch oven, I have a Trangia but I want to be able to cook for everyone & the...
  9. Th3V1k1ng

    Vintage "Primus" liquid fuel burner - made in England

    Got this in a box of odds and sods tools, from a local auction. needs an over haul and a good clean. Slight damage to part of it. Not sure if anything is missing, it came as is. I know a lot of bikers in Norway who use this burner at the Primus Rally in February. They are supposed to be the...
  10. TheBrook

    Bushbox XL Review and Tips

    It's that time once again my friends on the Bushcraft UK forum, Firstly, as always, I hope that this message finds you well? Secondly, I have had my Bushbox XL for a while now and have really been able to put it through it's paces, here are my thoughts and even some tips and tricks...
  11. M

    Improvements I made to my Coleman F1 Lite Stove

    Hi Folks, I just thought I'd show you some of my cook kit and mention an 'extra' I bought and a small modification I made which have improved its use - for me anyway! Where I go walking, I don't have permission to light a wood fire so I bring along the following kit for making some tea or...
  12. R-Tron 3108

    What is the best cook set and why

    You're views, your reasoning and where you use it please. This could very well help me to make a slightly more informed decision about my next purchase
  13. spader

    TOYODANSO Double Paraffin Cookers / Stoves on Metal Stand

    Hi All I was clearing out my shed yesterday, and found a few items to sell. One of them is this Double Paraffin Cookers / Stove on a (galvanised) Metal Stand. One on the left is perfect ready to fire after putting paraffin in the tank, but one on the right needs some adjustment on wicks...
  14. Seoras

    Spring Weekend with Coastal Survival

    Every now and then I head off into the hills with some friends. This time it was to be Gordon and Rick, whom I have worked with for a number of years at the Crisis Open Christmas shelters, and I had arranged with my friend Fraser from Coastal Survival that we would come down and spend time at...
  15. spader

    Paraffin Lamp advice / recommendations please

    Hi All I will be putting the Wildo Stove in my wooden shed soon. I have ordered a silicon flashing kit for the flue. Waiting for the parts to arrive. Now next thing I need is lamp, as there is no electricity coming into the shed yet, I am planning to use paraffin lamps until the power is...
  16. craeg

    Vintage 1960's Primus Camping Stove Fully Restored

    My dad has recently started again restoring old tools and I have offered to put the ones I think you guys would like on here for first dibs. He was a toolmaker then carpenter and so he does a grand job of the restoration and spends many hours doing it as he has OCD!!! :D This one is a vintage...
  17. G

    Tentipi Eldfell Pro9 versus Helsport Stove - Which is better?

    Hi Folks, I had a good search on the forums, and couldn't find if anyone had actually done any comparrisons on quality and performance for these two stoves? I have a tentipi varrie 9, and am looking for a wood burning stove for it. What ever I buy, I want it to last and I don't mind...
  18. MertzMan

    Primus Omnifuel stove. Inc 2* fuel bottles + accessories. Price DROP

    For sale here is my Primus Omnifuel stove with a new 1ltr fuel bottle and a well used 0.6L fuel bottle. It also comes with adaptor to run both camping and normal stove gas canisters. Fits neatly in the MSR Seagull cook pot, which is 1.6L in size if I remember correctly. Comes with an...
  19. Charybdis

    looking for a 12 cm cheap pot

    hi, i really love the IKEA hobo stove system; in order to have only one pouch dedicated to cooking's stuff, i decided to look for a pot which fit IN the IKEA Cutlery stand (i think it's more hygienic). i'm looking for it for a while then decided to post here, hoping that somebody can help me...
  20. Rob

    GearPods Stove - £10 off

    Apart from the free gift with GearPods products purchased between now and the end of the month, we have just rolled out an offer for £10 off a GearPods Stove system between now and the end of October. Discount code to use is STOVE10