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Dave Budd
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  • Hi Dave

    I'm Christopher from the Sth Island (NZ). Just a query about a dealer (Firestorm Kit) in Reading. Has anyone had problems with communications etc about their orders.
    Regards Christopher
    Hi Dave hope your well . I would like to make the missus a kitchen knife and I have no idea what steel to go for . I am looking for one that would be ok in a gas forge and not rust as well as 01 when used near food . And also one that is a little forgiving on my skills or lack of any ideas mate ?
    I was hoping to have one in february, but time has run away from me. When I do work out a time for it I shall post up on the forum :)
    unless you are thinking of bronze tools, then casting things like knives and axes is out I'm afraid. Even most of the bronze tools would be simpler to cast in sand than wax. That said, casting is fun and a new avenue that I've been playing with recently too :)
    Thanks for your reply . I've toyed with the idea of lost wax casting just to start me off but would like to learn eventually how to make my own tools , axe, knife etc . Thanks for your time :thankyou:
    Hello I'm interested in learning back garden forging. and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for finding kit . ie melting pot & ladle good hammer etc
    Hi Dave,

    I have sent you an email with all the details of the martial arts equipment we have been discussing.

    Very many thanks for your help with this again.



    ps - your in box is full
    that damn pot lifter! ;) just kidding. are you thinking one-to-one course with me sometime before you moot? If so then throw some potential dates my way and I'll check my diary :) What sort of thing are you looking to make? Generally a forged finished blade will take a day, a handle is a day and a sheath is a day; though if you want to do something a bit more fancy and posh then it can take a little longer. Have you done any knifemkaing before? I'm sure we've spoken about it before but I have a brain like a seive!

    Dunno about the master class, not sure what folk would want to know?

    Dont know if you remeber me..lol the pot lid holder guy from last years moot.

    Would love to come and spend some time learning with you beofre this years moot, can do from wednesdays Evenings to Sat pm some weeks if you can give us an idea of your time....

    If not was thinking of maybe rather than doing your usuall demo at the moot maybe doing a master class? i know of three guys who would sign up....
    Hi Dave, I would like to make a bushcraft knife, and KNOWLEDGE!!! Could you tell me your postcode so I can estimate the distance. How much would the course cost? Jim Langham
    sorry, not at Jack's. I've got a course on at the start of next week and I shed load of stuff to make before then :rolleyes: maybe next year ;)
    Hi Dave, haven't seen you since Owen's forge a few months back. Hope to see you at Jack Jacks this weekend. If not I hope you're well.
    alright dave how's it goin? saw yer name so i thought i'd say hi... hows the missus n dog, all good i hope... been a busy year this way so i couldn't get any time out to come spend a day or two botherin you like i'd hoped... should have my own roman/saxon style forge sorted pretty soon so i should be able to get on with a few projects of my own this summer- i need a decent parang for starters and i still wanna make a tomahawk... anyhoo, might see ya at naturefest later, all the very best, wurz
    It's a small world :) When I saw Dan's name jump out of the page I was half expecting you to say that your lurcher is one of his :lol: Lurchers are the best dogs in teh world I reckon, but I could be biased. Definately need lots of space for the laps they do but you also need a comfy bed for them as that's where they spend the other 18 hours of the day ;) Training as you say is interesting, more suggestions than instructions most of the time, especially if the dog has saluki in it!

    I don't get to the east much these days myself, though I'm going to Naturefest in East Sussex in May. I'm sure we'll bump into each other sometime, it is a small world and though I don't get to the forestry shows (yet) I do the bushcraft ones.


    Hi Dave, I was poking about on t'internet and came across your lovely lurcher dog Saxen. We have a bitch, Boudicca in ginger and white and now 1 year old. We were given her as a pup by a lady with 11! She has brindle siblings so has the potential for lovely camoflage pups. She is the first lurcher that I've ever owned so training her is interesting. Luckily we have a lot of space here to let her run out and then curl back at 300 yards......and then come back on a whistle......Most of the time. Ha!
    I bump into Dan Franklin from time to time at Forestry shows as we both have a passion for timber products.
    We now live in East anglia so down West is a very looooong way.
    You never know, we may bump into one another!

    Cheers, Swyn.
    hello :) nope, I've not been to the cornwall rv yet (though I will be next time as I've been invited to demo). We almost met earlier this year when I had a get together at my place, but I think you had to be elsewhere that weekend and couldn't make it :rolleyes:

    Next time we have a SW get together you have to come along ;) and of course if you make it out my way (I'm only 20 miles west of Ex) then pop in for a cuppa or pint :)
    hello there, not sure if i met you down and the cornwall meet, wondering from your post i noticed where your based?
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