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  1. kard133

    Norway: First Blood, Part Two. Or, a learning experience.

    In March 2013 a man, in a deep depression and desperate to get away from his life, went to Oslo on what was meant to be a six day adventure. The details of this trip are chronicled here: Three years have passed, I have accepted the...
  2. H

    kit. three decades of changes

    May late 70s. so long ago i walked around the Yorkshire dales doing a gold D of E exped. Carrying an external frame rucksack with a shared cotton inner and fly vango force 10 with a Peter Storm orange neoprene waterproof in a 2nd hand pair of Hawkins boots my brother loaned me. Wooly jumper with...
  3. TheBrook

    Bahco Laplander...the best saw ever?

    Hi Everyone, Here's a review I did of the Bahco Laplander which is a folding saw with a lot to offer. I think it could even be the best saw for Bushcraft and outdoor activities on the market right now. In this video I give an overview of the saw and also share some tips and tricks that...
  4. P

    Bow drill trouble

    Hi guys, I have been practicing outdoor firelighting now for the past 2 years (and bushcraft thanks to this forum). I have went through all the motions (buying to much basically!). I am now down to a basic kit I use consistently; billy can with hobo stove Swiss ranger stove (doubles for...
  5. TheBrook

    Kit Review: ESEE-4 Knife

    Hey Everyone, Hope you are all doing well and still managing to get out there at this colder time of year? In this video I give a 'no-holds barred' kit review of the ESEE-4 Knife and I'm not scared to share with you the negative aspects as well as the positive...
  6. Z

    2015 Maxpedition Sabercat Wild Camping Loadout

    Hi all, It's been a while since I've been on here but thought I'd start the new year with an updated kit list for 2015. At first glance this looks like a heavyweight kit but when you pair everything down it actually comes out around light-medium weight. I'll be going to Glen Quoich near...
  7. R

    My First Solo Overnighter - Kit

    Hi guys, I'm a teenager who's loves hiking/backpacking etc but I'm fairly new to bushcraft, and I'm going on my first ever solo overnighter in a couple of weeks time. I thought it would be good practice for me to do a video run through of the kit I've prepared so far so you guys can give some...
  8. lostplanet

    An editable Word Doc Organiser for Kit and Clothing

    Seeing as I like to take plenty of kit on my wanders, I figured I could do with a kit List Organiser template. I wanted something that could be printed in Black and then written on rather than typing in the data as needed. Of course this is a work in progress and will need to be refined but...
  9. F

    How do I clean a milbank bag

    I have an old millbank bag and I am wondering how to safely clean it and not to make my filtered water taste of washing powder! Any ideas? Thanks for your time.
  10. rulyg26

    What to Lie on when In your hammock

    Hi guys just wondering what other people use when inside their hammock, I got a DD travel hammock and Tarp for Christmas and am keen to get using them would a aerobed pakmat be a sensible idea? just wondering what everyone else uses ?????
  11. T

    My full Setup so far...

    Ok, so I have been on the prowl to replace gear which I felt wasn't up to the task... GEAR HOLDERS Rucksack - Karrimor Sabre 45 Arktis Side Pouches SLEEPING OUT Sleeping Bag - Used a £70 3 season a few weeks back and it was unacceptable - so its now with a new owner from ebay...
  12. Köld

    Modan, IS manufacturer of backpacks / rucksacks

    I would be interested in any information about the Israeli brand Modan that used to make real Bergen-style/expedition backpacks in I guess the 90's. There are a handful of reviews on trailspace on a number of models of theirs written more than ten years ago, and the only other review I know of...
  13. Smith28

    Belt System - Utility Kit & First Aid Kit

  14. E

    Tent help!

    i'm looking for a lightweight 2 person tent that can stand up to the very worst that the welsh mountains can throw at it. it needs to be spacious enough for 2 tall teenagers with kit and yet be light enough to be carried over the mountains. anyone got any suggestions or experience with something...
  15. Ethereal-Mooncat

    Army Surplus Kit? (Info NOT Suppliers!)

    I've just spent an hour googling this to no avail... so I was wondering if anyone here is in the know about where to go for Army Surplus Kit Useage Info?! As a soon-to-be Full-Time Bushcrafter (on a budget as tight as a Gnats A***) I recently bought some Army Surplus gear : mostly clothing /...
  16. B

    Does anyone have the Highlander Forces 55L rucksack?

    Hi All Had a quick look for previous reviews/threads, but couldn't find anything. Please feel free to link me to any previous threads if you know of any. Looking to get a Highlander Forces 55L rucksack and just wondered if anyone had any opinions, reviews etc. It will mainly be used for...
  17. Loenja

    net hammock

    i was wondering if anyone has had experience making netted hammocks. i have done a couple projects by making knotted netting. i would like to know gauge size number of meshes.etc and material. thanks
  18. salan

    Camp kitchen (supplies)

    Hi All, When i go on holidays,camping in fact anywhere for more then a day, I take my 'camp kitchen' with me. What do I mean? well in my case its a box containing oil,vinigar, herbs (in 35mm containers) spices, stock cubes etc. I also make sure I have a good sharp knife (well camping thats no...
  19. RAPPLEBY2000

    Kit, survival, individual, MK3 opened and explaned...

    Kit survival individual MK3 Hi I'll do this later today, photo's and info! watch this space! :D
  20. Toddy

    Skill sharing weekend. March 12th, 13th, 14th, 2010

    I have provisionally booked Comriecroft for the weekend of the 12th, 13th and 14th March 2010 for a skill sharing workshop. The hall is being offered for our use at a discount ( I think they like us :D) but I need to confirm by Friday afternoon that we want the hall. Camping fees will be as...