Army Surplus Kit? (Info NOT Suppliers!)

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May 8, 2010
UK (traveller)
I've just spent an hour googling this to no avail... so I was wondering if anyone here is in the know about where to go for Army Surplus Kit Useage Info?!

As a soon-to-be Full-Time Bushcrafter (on a budget as tight as a Gnats A***) I recently bought some Army Surplus gear : mostly clothing / cama & carrying gear. I gotta say: I'm really impressed with the sturdyness, comfort, adaptability & basic but effective ergodynamics & functionality of it all... especially considering the budget prices of most stuff. Stands to reason I suppose: this gear is designed for general issue to ppl in highly demanding / changeable / extreme enviroments / situations (whether in training or combat) who are in a 'Survival' situation on a number of levels.

I'm thinking of buying more (as soon as I can get hold of some of the gawdamn money that I am owed!) because I need this stuff to... well to survive basicly!

The only prob is this... finding info on how ex MOD kit works!

I have noticed that the same thing applies to a lot of this gear: At first it seems clumsy, awkward, user-unfriendly, uncomfortable, broken even. It's only with perseverance, patience, experimentation & practical use to 'break it in' that I have come to realise how rugged & well designed & user-friendly this kit really is. But that takes time & a lot of arsein' about... and in my current 'up S*** Creek without a paddle' circumstances Time is one thing (along with mullah) I ain't got much of... and Arsein' About is a Noble Art I ain't got the luxury of being able to indulge.

Also y'know how it goes, sometimes you can have a bit of kit for months, years even... and not suss how to use some really neat (but not obvious) functionality of it... until some clued up dude comes along and says : "if you unbuckle that there, and unfold the thingmajig inside then hey presto... (INSERT NATTY HIDDEN FEAT HERE)" ...and you go "Jayzus Golly Gosh, I wish I'd known that before... that is well Sound, nice one dude" and you give themn some Magic Beans (or something).

Yeppity yep, at such times, a little insider INFO can save a whole lotta time, nes pas? So any links anybody? Or are there any military personnel, TA personnel or military / survival enthusiasts out there who would care to offer a Stray Alley Aristocat in Exile a dash of Good Counsel?

*tips peaked cap*
Mooncat :borgsmile

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May 8, 2010
UK (traveller)
Well, interms of what I have at present : there is the... oh phooey I've forgotten the name of it... basicly it's like 4 big kit pockets at waist height (two front, 2 back), an a*** height kit roll, and a shoulder height / body width small knapsack (that I use seperatley at present) all fitted onto rucksack stylii shoulder straps. It's pretty trad, wouldn't look out of place on a WWII Tommy(!) : made out of green heavy duty cotton canvas w/ metal buckles... as opposed to the sort of Police Style / Gamekeeper Utility Jacket type things that you see made out of synthetic material (a bit heavier I know but I prefer it that way : trad kit has character... and lasts better, on the whole.

I'm having partic trouble sussing the central waist buckle. It comes undone if you are moving swiftly over uneven ground out in the woods (I'm doing some idiosyncratic improvised semi military / semi Bushcraft / semi Tribal stylii fitness training / stealth training / small game hunting training stuffs... and need to be able to rely & integrate with my kit... if you get my drift?

I keep discovering new neat little functionality of this partic bit of gear by trail & error... but some overview info would be a gem!

In terms of future purchase possibilities, I am considering / interested in learning more of (inc good suppliers actually!)...

*IR Night Vision goggles / scopes / monoculars (non magnified or low power zoom... The basic generation stuff, for now... due to cost)

* Lowish cost High magnification / High Power zoom, pocket-size / low weight daylight monoculars (I currently have the standard 8x30 binoculars)

* Boots. I need some new 'soft' walking boots (my old ones where a bargin but quality buy... but are a bit knackered due to my shabby lack of care *hangs head in shame*)..., I've got some brand new bootstyle, lightweight outdoor sport stylii waterproof breathable trainers... but I also need some heavy duty boots. In the past I always bought basic/ steel toecap work boots (my dayjob was as a self-employed Landscape & Maintanence Gardener... before my life was sab'd & ruined... long story). I will be working again (hopefully!) as a Gardener/ Casual Agri-Labourer / Wwoofer... and also need a tuffboot for extreme Bushcraft things... and such. I'm wondering whether to go gfor a military boot rather than a workboot... such as an Austrian Combat Boot with toughned or steeled toecap. I thought maybe the height of such a style would be good for keeping trousers / legs dry 7 clean with the mud of Winter looming... without having to piddle about with nylon gaiters... which I find a dashed nuisance & damned noisy! But i don't know anything about military boots...

*low cost, basic body armour (partic stab / ballistic undervests, and thin but stout leather gloves).

In case you are thinking i sound a bit 'dodgy'... far from it. I am fighting a loosing battle for my human & civil rights (and those of a dear friend & two innocent & vunerable kids) against a 'respectable' family of Child Abusers, Adult Abusers & Financial Fraudsters with no ethics & lots of money. Because Ihave stood up & spoken out... they have seen to it that I have been made homeless, lost my job, my family & my friends... and that my Good Name has been discredited. I will not sink to trheir level (violence, Intimidation, Manipulation, Abuse, Fraud, etc) but I will not bow to bullies. Until I can get the evidence I need to trigger a Police Investigation my Life & liberty is in danger (hence the tactical withdrawal to the woods, rather than renting a flat now I am about to be thrown out of my own house). I have already been attacked once by hired thugs... I managed to fight them off while sustaining only minimal injury, but learned some lessons about being better prepared in future. It's a long story... 'nuff said.

Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you want peace, prepare for war).


May 9, 2010
North Norfolk, GB
Sorry to hear about the situation ma, but good on you for not bowing down...

Now onto the kit. Being ex-military I cannot praise the standard issue boots highly enough. They aint the lightest by any stretch, but they can become like slippers to you once you've broken them in and they are rugged...bloody rugged!! They'll give you all the support you need anyway, as well as being warm and waterproof. Mine lasted me years of service at home as well as a tour of a hot ****ty sandy place you REALLY dont wanna go!! Still have them for walking the dogs, bushcrafty outdoors goodness and general kicking about.

As for PLCE, some people find it cumbersome and generally not suited to bushcraft, however, that being said I bloody love the stuff. It just works!! From your description it sounds like you have the vest with the pouches. Is this correct?? Personally i would plumb for the belt with the various ammo pouches, water bottle pouch, utils etc. You can customise it however you so choose.

As for the belt buckle clasp part, there should be two metal prongs on the back of the belt which slide into what appear to be retaining lots (cant describe it any other way sorry). Adjust these prongs to fit, it wont come undone then when you go native and undercover!!

Days sacks/jet pack are handy, giving you enough capacity to last a few days without returning to base camp when used with PLCE.

When it gets nippy, grab a snuggy or even a Norgy. Again, standard military issue but I love the stuff. Maybe its nostalgia but it seems to work, and relatively cheap too compared to you more modern stuff. Certainly works for the english winter and cold desert nights!!

There are people on here with a lot more nounce than me, but if you need owt else just PM me or ask about on here.

Good luck, really hope it works out.....


Jun 16, 2008
South of England
Thanx to launditch1 for the ARRSE *haha* link... even a brief prefunctory look has helped already, in that I have discovered the technichal term for the current bit of kit I've been trying to describe: PLCE (Personal Load Carrying Equipment). Yay...

from your description I think you actually have the predecessor to PLCE (which is made from nylon, and doesn't have the bum-roll), called '58 pattern webbing
wiki article
how to put it together properly (quite a skill)


Jun 10, 2010
Kenley, Surrey

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