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  • Oh no worries mate, I had forgotten about that message! Very good to hear, I will remember that, and of course.. leave no trace. :)

    I recently moved down to Five Ash Down (nr Uckfield), but still near the Forest so it's still my usual trekking ground. You nearby? I'm guessing since you're at Uni you are probably away for the time being.
    Hi mate. Noticed you mention broadstone warren scout camp somewhere. I used to volunteer on the forest and know it quite well. I live in Hartfield.

    Can you tell me, what are the bushy prospects at broadstone? Camp fires? I know they're strictly forbidden on the forest but different story there?

    Nice to see other locals :)

    I am Explorer Scout Leader for Rowfant ESU in East Grinstead District. I am also an Assistant Contingent Leader for one of the West Sussex Units going to the Jamboree.
    never really been into bowie knive myself, i like my little knife, its great for skinning and whittling.

    yer we should camp out some time...exchange ideas etc

    ps hotmail not working atm
    of course i know the broadston camp, i used to go to scouts(until they kicked me out when i was too old, then i got so fed up with the local explorer group i left).

    tried to add you has it worked??
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