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  1. unijaw

    A good bushcraft/hiking hat!?

    Hey folks so I'm looking to purchase a decent hat, I found a promising one here http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003YTDN9Y/ref=s9_simh_gw_p193_d0_i2?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=1FPC6PXRVME05JASZ6EE&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=358549767&pf_rd_i=468294 but I don't really know enough...
  2. T

    Buschcraft event Teggs Nose Macclesfield 30th sept 2012

    Hey guys, Rangers organizing a bushcraft day , £4 entrance fee, just posting the info, not much info to give you guys.... sorry. think it might be fun though...seems they have a facebook page. info on internet as well. Thierry
  3. craigclose82

    A Wright And Son Bushcraft Knife Regrind

    I have had a A Wright And Son Bushcraft Knife for a while now and the angle of the grind on the knife was way too deep and the grind itself for me was too small as seen here So I sent My knife off to Longstrider after hearing nothing but positive reviews on him and well the results speak for...
  4. G

    Wild Camping Woodland

    Does anyone know of anywhere in the south of England people can go wild camping and practice their bushcraft including making a wild fire? The seems to be nowhere for people to go. I am seriously thinking of buying some woodland and making it available to people... Any takers? GM
  5. sandsnakes

    And then sometimes you get Very Good Service

    Just a note about dealing with G&T Hunting and Outdoor. Found these guys on Ebay when looking for a breathable jacket. They got the order right, but the factory sent the wrong one. I had to return the original they were as nice as pie, by return I got a breatheable Airflex shell jacket (its a...
  6. D

    Bushcraft in sweden

    Freestyled up a video yesterday from when i went to the woods for the night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1tKeUGJzfg Just started making videos so dont be hating on me...;) Have a nice one! Pz from sweden
  7. D

    Frontier Bushcraft course and what I thought of it!

    Hey guys, I recently went down south on a bushcraft course with http://www.frontierbushcraft.com and really enjoyed it. Personally I've been into bushcraft for years now but going back to the basics was really enjoyable. The course was taught by Paul Kirtley, former course director at...
  8. D

    Different fire methods, in particular the upside down fire

    Hey guys, I recently went ahead and tried my hand at the upside down fire to see if it was more beneficial than your standard teepee style. To my dismay I found that it wasn't half as satisfying, you don't achieve the flame or heat you want and it's much more work as you have to keep adding too...
  9. P

    I should do some creative bushcraft!!

    Any ideas? What I mean is I wildcamp and use various outdoors skills in doing that, well campcraft basically but nothing creative or more "bushcrafty". I know there has been pointless discussions on what is bushcraft so don't want to touch that here but in my mind I am only camping at the...
  10. basicbushcraft


    anyone up for a trip to my woodland in Aberdeenshire
  11. basicbushcraft

    group buy dd hammock

    hi guys if any of you are you are up for the group buy let me know i will pm you price list
  12. basicbushcraft

    bushcraft meet over rivington

    hey anyone out there up for a quick nighter over rivington soon as anthony
  13. basicbushcraft


    looking for woodland to use in north west around lanc's area and wales anyone got any contacts
  14. ex member coconino

    What bushcraft tools and know-how do you use in your daily life?

    What do you use in your everyday "real" life—work or domestic—which you've got or learned from bushcraft? I mean tools, knowledge and techniques, etc. that you wouldn't have without your interest in bushcraft. I'll start this off with a simple one: I've been using a firesteel to light my...
  15. H

    Fish tail palm produce

    Fish Tail Palm Produce Fish Tail Palm(Caryota Urens) is native to the tropical rainforests, jungles and hill country of South East Asia .It can be found from India all the way down to Indonesia and the Philippines. Its found its place in America as an ornamental plant, but most people are...
  16. plastic-ninja

    Kershaw blade trader 3 blade knife.

    I have for swaps an oldish kershaw "blade trader" system knife with black rubber covered handle and three blades in the original cordura-type belt pouch and with a plastic insert. Blades are sharpish hunting blade,filleting blade which looks a little twisted to me,and a decent sawblade. I got...
  17. M

    Need help

    Hi everyone I don't want to sound like a sad case with this post, but I need a bushcraft friend to go out and learn new skills and knowledge with. Don't get me wrong I have loads of friends but none that's into bushcraft :( I have permission to use some land to camp out in, I just get bord...
  18. M

    bushcraft career?

    IM a student doing my A-levels(i'm 17). i find school boring as do most but i have a huge interest in primitive skills and traditional skills. So i would love to hear from people who have made a career out of such things and how they did it and if its not to personal how they get by in the...
  19. coastal survival

    Smoking Fish - Coastal Survival School

    Coastal Survival. Smoking Fish. By Fraser Christian. Originally written for "Bushcraft and Survival skills magazine" The Art of  curing and smoking fish  is a valuable and most useful skill in times when fish are abundant and plentiful, allowing them to be conveniently stored for...
  20. H

    HI Everyone!

    Hello eveyone! I'm Harry! Bushcraft, camping & caravaning is my life here in sunny Australia! Looking forward to chatting with you guys! :-) Harry.