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  1. The Mackinaw

    Swedish LK35 - Interchangeable Side Pocket Modification

    *I had to re-post this because most of the images didn't come up on the original thread so here it is split up in to 4 parts* > PART 1 OF 4 Hi folks, I hope you and yours are well. I am new to this site, this is my very first post and one for all the LK35 nuts out there. *Flagging this now...
  2. F

    Bushcraft Indonesia

  3. The Mackinaw

    Re-posted this thread

    Hi all I will re-post this with the photographs as soon as I can get this thread deleted.
  4. Leo Seven

    My first carving.

    I do not know if I made it right, but I like it. I used a metal spoon and a knife. I want to make a kuksa but I have no tools for this. Looking for an idea how to karve it
  5. M

    Looking for an area for a long term bushcraft camp

    I currently live in the North east and am looking for a place in Scotland where I could set up a long term Bushcraft camp where people can come and learn and share their Bushcraft and sustainace hunting skills with others.
  6. J

    Sold Custom Victorinox Bushcrafter reduced

    Victorinox Bushcrafter (Custom made, anodised green alox scales, pins replaced with titanium torx screws) SOLD
  7. T

    For Sale SWC Bushcraft Knife, Olive wood Scales.

    SWC Bushcraft Knife, Olive wood Scales. Ray Mears Leather Sheath, Mini sharpening stone & Ben Orford Antler Firesteel (unused) Knife is used in good condtion just needs a little TLC. £300 Posted
  8. Bee Outdoors

    Teaching and learning

    May it be with good intention or not, sometimes we find ourselves telling people how to to do things. Telling someone how to do something is sometimes just as bad as telling them not to do it. No one likes to be told, rather shown how something is done and let them decide for themselves if...
  9. Bee Outdoors

    New here

    hi nice to be here, my name is Alex and I run Bee Outdoors, I have 8 FB groups and a YouTube channel, I’m a keen outdoorsman and interested in most knowledge based skills. My motto is you never to old to learn and if it was made by man I can make it too. Hope to meet a few people on here that...
  10. J

    North east bushcraft woodland areas

    I'm wondering if people know great spots to practise bushcraft but also have overnighters. i have my normal places to go but want to discover new places.
  11. T

    Sold Ahti knife

    1. ITEM: Ahti Vaara 95 Stick Tang knife 2. CONDITION: good 4. LOCATION: west sussex 5. PRICE: £28 including postage 6. DESCRIPTION: Ahti Stick Tang knife cant remember the model 7. PICTURES:
  12. T


  13. T

    For Sale Fjallraven Barents Pro Trousers

    Fjallraven barents pro trousers, hardly worn but washed a few times so no longer waxed, size EU 50, uncut length. i have some wax somewhere so will included. £50 INC Post BT preferred.
  14. J

    For Sale Real Steel Bushcraft (D2)

    This has to be one of the best "finished" production knives that I have ever received. The fit and finish are superb. In fact, better than some knives costing twice what I paid for this one. D2 steel with G10 handles and liners together with a kydex sheath and belt loop. The knife has been...
  15. J

    New into bushcraft.

    Hey all, newbie, I've always had an interest in bushcraft. Watched Ray Mears all the time when I was younger but never actually done anything and I'm looking to get started. I live in Glasgow would appreciate if anyone knows places nearby I can practice some skills while I build up my kit. I...
  16. I

    Kent meet ups

    hi does anyone know of any Kent based meet ups or knowledge of the area?
  17. -13-

    Withdrawn Please Delete

    Please Delete
  18. Pioneer72

    Shropshire Bushcraft Group

    From searching the forum it seems that there used to be a small group of Shroppies who met up, but the group appears to be sleeping :sleeping: So I just thought about 're-kindling' it, excuse the pun :) Post here if you could be interested in occasional meets, or send me a pm. I don't have...
  19. riverwye

    Any Herefordshire & Surrounds Bushcraft / Wild Campers Out There?

    Hello everyone, I hope that you are well. I am attempting to set up a contact and social resource for bushcrafters and wild campers from Herefordshire and surrounding counties with the intention of putting people in contact with others to share experiences, meet and maybe arrange social get...
  20. Le Loup

    A Woodsrunner's Day Part One. VIDEO. By Keith H. Burgess. An ex West Sussex lad.