Bushcraft is Scotland & Norway

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Aug 18, 2009
Buckworth, Cambs

Just thought I drop a quick note to anyone thinking of doing any bushcraft in Scotland. A bit strange as I live near Cambridge!, but I'm prepared to travel to get to the best places and instructors.

I've been on three courses with Patrick McGlinchey from the 'Backwoods Survival School' and found them all to be thoughly absorbing. The last one 'Native paths' involved building a shelter and living off the land, on the banks of Lock Fyne, for 5 days - great fun but hard work. He also does introductory weekend courses which aren't so hard but are still packed with great stuff (firemaking, wild food prep, making traps, etc.) He really knows his stuff and you come away with a different view on life, a smile on your face and a desire to do more bushcraft. I can thoughly recomend his courses:

I've started to get my 12 yr son and 10yr daughter interested and they both like nothing better than starting fires, with a flint, in the garden (I use a metal fire pit now to avid them burning down the fence).
My next course with Patrick is in Norway (September, 2013); an advanced 7 dayer, and includes building coracles with elk skin, lots of primative fishing, shelter building plus all a wealth of other stuff.
Looking forward to it emensly.
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