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  1. Th3V1k1ng

    Marmot Grid 2p tent - never used in anger

    SOLD I have up for sale an almost brand new Marmot grid 2p tent, even has the repair pack as well. Bought it last year to use at some motorcycle rallies i never made it to. So, getting rid of a load of kit, to make room for my GF's things when she moves in. Looking for £165 including paypal...
  2. H

    New from Western Canada

    Hello, We are Canadians and spend time in the bush, trapping and teaching conservation, trapping, bush skills, bushcraft, and life off the grid. We have a blog and a youtube channel that shows our journey in this lifestyle. Our journey continues, and we enjoy meeting others who are also...
  3. Angst

    Ray Mears Wilderness Axe Sheath, The First For Sale & Stock For The Bushcraft Show!

    Hi....today the first customer, BCUK'er Steve13, received his new sheath and here's the pic...I stamped it with a number 1 on the back to make it that little bit more special for him...glad you're pleased mate! and today I did another video with Chris Caine which will be on his channels later...
  4. Angst

    Chris Caine Survival Knife Sheath…The First One!!!

    Hi everyone….here it is…the first of its kind….I’ve re-drawn the template and made a couple of cosmetic changes… the first ten I make will be numbered but the very first one is going to Sir Tom Linden of The UK Preppers Radio Network (and only his will have his...
  5. Angst

    Breaking News!!! Chris Caine Tools

    Hi everyone...I'm proud to announce that as of tomorrow I will be a distributor for Chris Caine's range of bushcraft and survival tools. The first consignment will be a few of each of his blades and here's the good bit...by special arrangement with Chris we have agreed to offer his products...
  6. chriscainesurvival

    Hello from Chris Caine Survival in Hampshire

    hi guys chris here sonni (and now jamie b it seems) has been nagging me to get on the forum so here i am, nice to be on board and hope to make some new friends, learn and share alike. regards cc
  7. DonnyOutdoors

    Out and About

    So I love to watch back my videos and relive the places I've been and the things I've done over the past few years. It get me pumped up and eager to plan more hikes, trips and activities. This is the time of year when we're ready to say goodbye to winter and start planning lots of trips for...
  8. DonnyOutdoors

    Our Woodland Shelter

    In May 2013 we had an idea to build a woodland shelter, as a base to practice bushcraft. We found a great secluded woodland which we'd visited a few times before and began the build. The design was just improvised on the day, and it turned out to be quite a large shelter. Over the months we...
  9. Samon

    Slow match - how to make your own! Pic' heavy.

    Righto chaparoonies!..? Um, having a little time the other day I had a poke around the mountain of hoarded goodies and stumbled across a few bits that I knew would make something neat. So, slow matches it is! For this recipe you need to pre-oil your hand drill, ready a vice and file and gather...
  10. Seoras

    Iron Mum and Bushcraft

    Hi all Had a great time volunteering at my wife Alison's Iron Mum event this weekend in Bramley (Hampshire). Alison runs a local charity raising the fitness of local women and they have an annual race (run/cycle/sprint) at the end of each training season (this is the 5th) I get involved in...
  11. paleotool

    Bucksaw and Woodworking Saw

    Just wanted to post a new woodworking/camping saw. I've been carrying it all summer but finally getting it finished up. Hope to make a "how to" for the next one. Made from some up-cycled scraps and a cut up band saw blade. A bucksaw firewood blade is also available for rough work. The...
  12. Druss

    Wild camping in Yorkshire or there abouts.

    Hi all can anybody recommend and good wild camping spots in Yorkshire or surrounding areas? Looking for woodland ideally that is away enough to get away with a fire and somewhere were not likely to bump into loads of other people. Planning a 2 dayer with a pal with the focus been on tree and...
  13. P

    Bushcraft is Scotland & Norway

    Hi, Just thought I drop a quick note to anyone thinking of doing any bushcraft in Scotland. A bit strange as I live near Cambridge!, but I'm prepared to travel to get to the best places and instructors. I've been on three courses with Patrick McGlinchey from the 'Backwoods Survival School' and...
  14. twyforge

    Pillar Drill

    Hi I have to swap my pillar drill stand. it is a great bit of space saving equipment, allows you to turn your handheld power drill into a vertical pillar drill. barely used, only used it to drill the pin holes in my 1st knife so pretty much new. Pictures here...
  15. H

    Beginner's look

    I want to share my experience as a beginner in the world of bushcraft in case there are any 'just curious' browsers reading this forum wondering what all the fuss is about. I have been lucky enough to live near what I, with a glorious lack of precision, like to call 'the countryside', for my...
  16. DonnyOutdoors

    Canoe & Bushcraft at Medieval Wadenhoe.

    Hey folks, On Sunday me & my buddy Matt went to Wadenhoe on the River Nene to embark on a journey we did exactly one year ago to the day. We took the canoe and some kit, including a tarp & a Polish army lavvu, for a paddle and a day in the woods. We set up a day camp, made a cooking area...
  17. Le Loup

    18th Century Historical Trekking & Wilderness Living. A Video Series.

    This is part one of a multi part series. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7pqTJrKjGw
  18. M

    New Kuksa.

    These Ale hen Kuksa are inspired by contemporary Viking style long boats. This new Ale hen Kuksa will be heading Stateside soon. Seen here with the three principle bushcraft tools I use for my folk art. And a much needed bottle. These folk art carvings take approximately three days to...
  19. theoctagon

    Woodland Ways Weekender

    For my birthday last year I received a voucher for a weekend long Woodland Ways Bushcraft course. I've just landed home from a weekend down in Derbyshire attending the course so I thought i'd share a few words/pics which will hopefully interest a few of you. Before getting in to the pics etc...
  20. paleotool

    And yet, Another Bucksaw

    Plenty of saws out there but here is my recent creation. 21" blade, hickory parts, paracord for tension. The wood was split out with a froe then sided on a table saw due to laziness. paleotool.com