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  1. Tipi

    Will lord bow raffle

    Just spotted this, if anyone is interested (No affiliation, just appreciate the guys work and ethic)
  2. Lithril

    Mini Bow making video - Episode 4 (final episode)

    So the final episode in this series is here. Hope you've enjoyed these and look forward to the next video.
  3. Lithril

    Mini Bow making video - Episode 2

    Episode 2 of 4 of Wayne's Mini Bow making series is now up and running and ready for you to view.
  4. bobnewboy

    Little leatherwork: Mary Rose inspired archery bracer.

    Hi All, Following a visit to the Mary Rose museum at Portsmouth last year, Helene and I were blown away by the number of organic finds that were recovered and preserved. As trad archers it was very interesting to see the shooting equipment and bits and pieces of everyday life that were...
  5. RoughRambler

    Slow Mo 2!!

  6. RoughRambler

    Not really bushcraft but thought some of you might enjoy :)

    Hiya guys! Wee compilation of videos from saturdays shoot with Archery Duns. Enjoy!
  7. Pawprints

    Some more Bushmoot Photos - Day 2

    These were on Day 2. We did paracord pouches with Elliot in the morning, cheers Elliot, and then made spiral necklaces out of electrical wire, this was an ace activity for the kids as they were capable of the steps and came away with a really nice piece of jewelry! Thanks to the guy with the...
  8. Seoras

    Spring Weekend with Coastal Survival

    Every now and then I head off into the hills with some friends. This time it was to be Gordon and Rick, whom I have worked with for a number of years at the Crisis Open Christmas shelters, and I had arranged with my friend Fraser from Coastal Survival that we would come down and spend time at...
  9. M

    Short bow - Long arrows?

    Hey everyone, I was unsure on where to post this question after having a scan 'round the website so I thought this section would be best. I've recently made a 54 inch (nock to nock) ash flat bow with 47 inch bend. The draw length of the bow is at 25 - 27 inches. I only have 30 inch arrows...
  10. A

    New self made bow

    I've always felt the need to make my own bow, many times i've tried and every time i failed i selected a nice piece of wood but rushed the bow and finished it in just a few hours, of course they all broke after a few tugs on the sting. so a few days ago i sat down and decided to take my time and...
  11. Biker

    I WANT ONE!! Take down DIY bow

    While replying to Dave Bromley's postng about a suitable bow for his talented daughter I recommended a bowyer's PVC work on youtube. While looking for a suitably good example of this chaps work I found this VERY cool video. Like I said: I WANT ONE...
  12. paleotool

    New Bamboo Arrows (pic heavy)

    I was given some excellent arrow bamboo a few weeks ago and have been making some arrows from it. Nocks and foreshafts are Osage orange, fletchings are goose, and sinew is all elk. I tried to make a "tutorial" of sorts with a lot more photos on the blog page but realized there are...
  13. paleotool

    Simple Quiver

    A new quiver made for myself. In the midst of making stuff for others, I sometimes need to find a break to make something for me. Nothing fancy. It hangs vertically from a belt or from the baldric strap (removable). I don't like a back quiver so this is a system that has worked well for me...
  14. WolfCrafter

    2012 Olympic Tickets Going on Sale from 15th March

    Heads Up!! I'm not one for sports but the 'Archery' might just about relate to Bushcrafting skills!:) And there the cheapest!! Olympic Ticket Prices
  15. bothyman

    Pocket Quiver (Archery)

    I'm looking for a Pocket Quiver like this one.. >> The only other ones I can find are from the US. I don't want to pay silly money for it or want anything fancy, just a good usable one.. . Any help much appreciated...
  16. A

    Hoyt bow and achery kit

    Hi all, I have the following archery kit for sale; - Hoyt Gold Medalist riser (right handed ie hold in bow left hand) - KAP Evolution II limbs (18lbs @ 68in - with this riser) - Arten Summit sight - Spigarelli button - Skorten bow stand - Easton platinum plus 1913 arrows length 29in...
  17. Night Phoenix

    My first ever bow!

    What a lot of hassle this caused me, first it was a meare heath design then due to crasks it was evolved into a holmeguard then after a break (I couldnt believe it) it became what it is now, the design yet to be confirmed. Not to mention being really difficult to work on when my finger suffered...
  18. Rob

    Wilderness 1-2-1 10th Anniversary BCUK Field Archery Course

    This course is designed to give you a good grounding in field archery and leaving you wanting more. Set around the campfire, this course encompasses a range of practical field archery coaching, training and lessons to set you off on the path to field archery. Mel and I have been training...